Playlist of the Week: Mella Dee

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Nov 17, 2021
Mella Dee
Warehouse Music boss Mella Dee pulls out plenty of classic rave cuts for his Beatport Playlist of the Week

For my Beatport Playlist of the Week, I’ve chosen a bunch of classic cuts from across the board in both style and sound; the variation that I’m likely to run through when I’m playing my all-night sets: all the way from rolling house to classic vocal cuts, deep dark and heavyweight two-step, rowdy bassline face-melters and pure sub-bass rattlers. I’ve never been one for just staying in one place, sonically — I’ve always been interested in merging sounds and finding the line that joins them all together.

Mella Dee’s Whistle Posse Spangled In The Corner EP and “Love It Or Not” single are available now on Beatport.

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Radioactive Man – ‘Ave That (Original Mix) [Rotters Golf Club]
A big, brash number from Radioactive Man, this one has always stood out for me from his Fabric mix years ago and it’s something that I’ve been playing again lately.
Kaotic Chemistry – Illegal Subs (Original Mix) [Moving Shadow]
Hardcore, you know the score! Big, bad and heavy sub-bass breakbeat action, nothing more needed.
Robert Hood – Stereotype 3 (Original Mix) [M Plant]
Robert Hood at his finest — pumping minimal techno that’s guaranteed to get you moving!
Da Mack Daddies – Shake Yr Behind (One 4 The Rebel Mix) [Armada Music)
Everyone loves speed garage, this one’s got a big, bad, warping bassline and sounds lovely.
Mr.G – Mango’s In Season (Original Mix) [Phoenix G]
I always play something from Mr.G — he’s one of the greatest for me and this is no different.
Round 2 & Andy Caine – New Day (Club Vocal Mix) [Main Street]
I’ve included two tracks from this series, the Basic Channel guys showing how it’s done in a deep vocal house style and fashion, so good!
Round One & Andy Caine – I’m Your Brother (Club Version) [Main Street]
Once again from the Basic Channel guys. Everything about this gets me, I love a good positive message and this has that nailed.
Mark Ernestus – Moyege (Mark’s Disco Dub) [Honest Jons Records]
I’m a big fan of the Basic Channel crew as you can see. For me this one is perfect for the early section of a night, gets the hips moving, warms the crowd through. Vibes!
Rhythm & Sound – See Mi Version (Basic Reshape) [Burial Mix]
Basic Channel refixing Rhythm & Sounds; pure dub and techno/deep house crossover territory, big heavy basslines and a serious groove, nothing more needed!
Basic Channel – Q1.1/I (Original Mix) [Basic Channel]
Raw, hypnotic and grooving techno from the masters, there’s not many that can stand shoulder to shoulder with these guys in my opinion.
G Flame – Ohh (Original Mix) [Alpha Recordings]
Funky and pumping beats from the legend G Flame, proper grooves and really solid stuff that gets any floor going.
AFX – R8M Neotek Beat (Original Mix) [Warp Records]
I love to run more stripped back percussive cuts in the early section of a set, low slung and weighty beats that are perfect for getting everyone stepping.
Same People – Dangerous (Crazy Bank Mix) [Locked On]
Everyone loves garage, and this one is no exception. Chunky and bumpy just how it should be, and on a classic label, big up Locked On!
BRTSH KNIGHTS – If I Was To (EL-B Remix) [Technicolour]
An overlooked track from the last decade, and a vocal that’s always stuck with me, refixed by the one and only EL-B.
RSD – Pretty Bright Light (Original Mix) [Punch Drunk Records]
A classic number from the 140 BPM section of things, the warping bassline and rolling breakbeats are just perfect.
Phuturustix – Blind Faith (Original Mix) [Locked On]
Zed Bias under his Phuturistix alias, once again on Locked On records; it’s such a perfect blend of different sonic territory and it’s been in my bag for as long as I can remember!
Phuturistix – Deepdown (Original Mix) [Locked On]
Same as above, more Zed Bias under the Phuturistix alais and more of the same quality, can’t be touched, so much love for these records
DJ Faz – Destiny (Original Mix) [Locked On]
I was playing this when I first started djing and I’ll be playing it until the very end. Big, brash and bouncy bassline energy, it goes off every time!
Mala – Da Wrath (Souljahz VIP Mix) [I & I Music]
The link between dubstep and techno is undeniable to me, and it’s tracks like this that show it properly, it still sounds like the future 15 years on. Mala is the king, it’s that simple.