Playlist of the Week: Anja Schneider

Anja Schneider Beatport Playlist of the Week
Nov 24, 2021
Anja Schneider
Ahead of her new Aura (Remixes) EP, Sous Music boss Anja Schneider does some sonic reflecting of this past year with Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

After this hardcore year for everyone, I realised that this time could be taken as an opportunity and that change is good and that I should take this time to make me aware of myself and my life in general. I missed the feeling of the dance floors terribly. The sweaty nights, the interaction with people and the freedom to let go. There was just no relief from the immense disaster we have all been dealing with during the pandemic. The things we for so long took for granted became so precious. I tried to put these emotions into my music and express what I was feeling from the deepest part of my soul. So the music came out a bit darker and deeper than usual, and I really found myself. It helped me to get over my biggest sadness, which was to be close to other human beings and share the energy again.

This playlist is a recognition of this period of change we have been through — a moment to stop and consider where we have come to and has been important along the way. So I want to take this chance to thank everyone who has shown me support while the world has been going mad. We are always stronger together and I hope that the experiences that we go through reinforced this message which sometimes can get lost amongst our busy and ambitious lives. Be kind. Be present. Be yourself. Life is for living your way.

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Anja Schneider feat. Sophie Hunger – Aura (Pan-Pot Remix) [Sous Music]
Releasing “Aura” was a very special moment for me. It was a project that came together organically through working with and getting to know Sophie but it was also totally a product of this crazy pandemic situation we have all been dealing with for so long. “Aura” gets back to the dance floor via Pan-Pot’s fast-paced industrial techno take on the haunting melodies of the original. It was amazing to hear what the guys did with the remix. They did such a great job of balancing the change of energy with keeping the soul from Sophie’s voice and lyrics. So good!
Anja Schneider feat. Sophie Hunger – Aura (BAUGRUPPE90 Remix) [Sous Music]
“Aura” will forever take me back to this profound two-year all-encompassing ordeal that the whole world has been a part of. BAUGRUPPE90 have caught the attention of techno’s great since debuting on Sous Music at the end of 2020. Their intelligent rework full of jacking beats and mind-warping bass tones elevates their reputation as one of the most exciting new talents to emerge this year.
Reform – Touch Nokey [Sous Music]
I am so happy to have Ludo & Andre back on the label. I am always so impressed by their music. You can hear the very high production quality and they are now developing their own niche within this modern techno sound. Touch Nokey proved to be real crowd-pleasers in my festival sets through the summer always blowing things up
Anja Schneider feat. Dabira – Underwater [HE.SHE.THEY]
I am very proud of this track for many reasons. After lockdown relaxed I started to work with different singers and found a different approach to my music and was very honoured to find Dabira as a perfect match who had the same feelings as me and was excited to collaborate and not work alone. Dabira (Johanna Marschall) is a singer in this great German all-female band Laing, who I have been a fan of since day one. Besides the project it was healing for me to make music with friends at HE.SHE.THEY., who are a real inspiration for keeping the spirit of underground alive. This really gave me a feeling that even after all we are not alone.
Because Of Art – Ethereal [Sous Music]
Ethereal is a stand-out slab of feel good melodic house. Just what we all need as we emerge from lockdown. As soon as I heard Ethereal I knew this was going to be a big record for the end of the summer. The vibe is so fun and positive. The reaction it gets every time I play it just shows how much people have missed this energy.
Girls Of The Internet – Time (Tee Mango Mix) [Drab Queen]
This is a track I don’t get to play so often but I really enjoy every time I do. Mostly on the radio as it is a perfect combination of funk, jazz and deep house. Reminds me of times gone by with its style and character. Really cool. GOTI and Tee Mango is a powerful combination.
Maribou State – Mother [fabric]
WOW. What a track this is. For me, this has been a real inspiration for how my personal sound has developed over the last year. An old school inspired break sound, but full of soul and energy and a move back to songs and vocals rocking the dance floor. So much fun. Makes me want to dance like crazy.
Keinemusik feat. Nomi Ruiz – Pussy Power [Keinemusik]
This track was the standout for me from Keinemusik’s album but the selection of just one track was really tough. The whole album is amazing. Of course it would be with three of the best producers all combining on one track. Their project is something really exciting and worth celebrating in these everyone-for-themselves times.
Avison – Contrast [Ellum]
I am not joking when I say that I think I play every single track Avision makes. I love this guy’s vibe and “Contrast” is no different. The energy is so free and there is a real feeling of joy in the vocal. This one always brings the people together on the dance floor for a special moment.
Lupe – Daddy [Love Child Records]
What can I say… I love acid! This is such a fun track to play out loud with its simple stomping kick and percussion dropping in and out of the wobbly acid hook. So good!