The 7 Best Nu Disco / Disco Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

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May 20, 2022
Lis Sarroca
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Nu Disco and Disco from Idjut Boys, CRTT, Anton Kubikov, Eddy C and more.
Idjut Boys – Dumme Willie [Droid]
Reactivated for the needs and dance nerds of today, Droid initially had been designed for straight up machine music, fierce drums, electronic body music and bass heavy melodies in 2008. Following that template, Droid 0422 sounds like a cocktail made from Prelude bonus beats, Supertronics dubs and stand off between George Kranz and Curt Cress. Two well-crafted takes of each Dumme Willie and Schlagstock fill the proverbial boots of said influences and equally draw for your attention. An Idjut thing indeed. Fun fidelity guaranteed.
CRTT – Three Four (Manu Barcelo Remix) [U’re Guay Records]
“Three Four” contains an Afro beat with organic rhythms and “Double Take” has strong house vibes. I love to combine these genres and styles.
Anton Kubikov – Cat Walks Blue [Randomart]
Anton is a key figure in the Russian electronic scene. His addiction to music led him to work on projects below, highly demanded by music lovers around the globe. This is a jazzy and deep enveloping track perfect for the start of a session.
Eddie C – Dubbing Into Darkness [MotorCity Wine]
Berlin-based Eddie C, with his new EP For The People on Detroit label MotorCity Wine is a masterclass in beautiful house and disco flavour. This is the EP’s chuggiest track, a lazy Balearic, acid-flecked, Blues-infused slice of psychedelia that’s the audio equivalent of being too hot to move. Languid, sexy, trippy gear.
Melodymann – Why Came The Rain [Melodymathics]
Melodymann ensures quality with a versatile sound covering all influences of electronic music and touching flavors of house, jazz, techno, soul, funk. Endless drum loops, endless chord loops and a-capellas.
D’Arabia – Continuamente [Hot Toddy Remix]
D’Arabia is back on House of Disco with come sleazy Italo flavour across two originals, ‘Continuamente’ featuring DJ Rou and ‘Sempre Meglio’ featuring Brine. If that wasn’t juicy enough already, Giovanni Damico and Hot Toddy get given the keys to the HOD residence, laying down remixes of the title track with their own distinctive touch.
My Friend Dario – Marittimo [Hell Yeah Records]
The title track opens up with looping synths rising up from below in dramatic fashion. They’re filled with tension as the chugging drums and fat bass roll on and after a break in the heaviness, the dark disco groove returns again. “Marittimo” then cuts loose on jazzy chords with tumbling toms, percussion, shakers and marimbas all bringing a sunny open-air sound.

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