Playlist of the Week: Anna Wall

Anna Wall Beatport POTW
Jun 22, 2022
Anna Wall
In celebration her new Persistence EP on Lobster Theremin with Corbi, Anna Wall serves up some piping-hot dance floor favorites for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

I’ve picked a selection of tunes that I’ve been playing in my sets recently, both old and new. Some are from my very talented friends and from record labels that I love. I’ve also included tracks from my latest EP with Corbi on Lobster Theremin — available June 24th — which we’re super excited about. Hope you enjoy!

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Anna Wall, Corbi – Persistence [Lobster Theremin]
This is the A-side from our EP forthcoming on Lobster. We wrote the EP in Corbi’s studio in Ibiza, while the world was in perpetual standstill. The title “Persistence” resonated with us and is about keeping our heads up and continuing to write music while everything around us felt so uncertain.
N-Gynn – Trippin’ Balls [Pleasure Club]
This EP is in my bag without fail and gets a spin in many of my sets. Like the name suggests, it’s trippy, but also dreamy and incredibly atmospheric. N-Gynn on fire as always and Bobby’s label Pleasure Club is pure quality each and every release.
Kepler – Contact [Constant Sound]
Consistent club anthems; Kepler tunes always go down a treat on the dancefloor and the melody on this one via Burnski’s ever-solid imprint Constant Sound feels effortlessly timeless.
Anna Wall, Corbi – Consciousness [Lobster Theremin]
This is perhaps my favourite track off our latest EP. It’s more subliminal; a little darker and on a bit more of a pensive and melancholy tip than the rest. We used the Waldorf Wave XT for those melodics and it’s a beautiful piece of vintage hardware that’s been a staple in most of our records.
Inner Zone – JV Sports [The Bricks]
This is the seventh release that came on my label The Bricks and was a debut from this awesome trio Inner Zone. I love their productions and it was such an honour to release their first EP. They’re onto great things right now and I’m excited to hear what’s next for them. Big ups and big love to Rupert, Alex and Nic. The Bricks 008 is coming soon stay tuned!
Thoma Bulwer, Anna Wall – The Re-Up [Parasol Culture]
Another long time friend of mine is Thoma Bulwer; we met at an Ostgut Ton party back in 2011 and have been making music together since 2012. This one features fast-paced modular synthesis, FM basslines and gnarly broken beats that came out on his excellent imprint Parasol Culture.
Johnny Hunter – U.K Aim [Pleasure Club]
This is taken from Johnny Hunter’s incredible album Dub Is King. For me his album represents the sound of London both past and present with elements of UKG, house, 2-step and dub, fused with his own distinct flavour. Anthemic.
Anna Wall, Corbi – Take A Moment [Lobster Theremin]
Another one from Corbi and I’s EP on Lobster. We were listening to a lot of old ‘90s rave and breaks records during the time we wrote this EP, and that era definitely inspired us in the writing process. I believe it’s the melody that creeps in at the breakdown that makes this one special.
Bobby O’Donnell, Reeshy – 4 [Pilot]
I love these two legends so much and their productions together are so special. I play this EP in so many of my sets, and it’s absolutely timeless. They have a new EP coming soon too, which I’m super excited about. Keep your eyes and ears out for it. It’s unreal.
Priori – Receptivity [Fragments of Reality]
Fragments of Reality is an amazing new imprint, which is a subsidiary of 20/20 Vision and curated by Luther Vine. Priori’s “Receptivity” is such an epic and emotive track, it sends me into the outer realms. The label is one to watch and the artwork is amazing too.
Anna Wall, Corbi – Regardless [Lobster Theremin]
This the final track on our EP; the bassline we recorded live from the Juno-6 and there’s plenty more arp action from the Waldorf Wave XT. We felt like this one rounded off the EP naturally and we were over the moon that Lobster Theremin wanted to release all four. Big ups and big love to Jimmy Asquith, Ian, Alice and the rest of the Lobster family.
Idris Bena – Solstice [Forest Ill]
I’m in love with this track; Idris Bena is such a great producer, this track is so nostalgic but feels totally fresh as well. When those pads come in it gets me every time! Emotional.
Vitess – Tunnel Phase (Janeret Remix) [STRCTR]
Janeret’s productions are always such a moment when you play them in a set; so dreamy, and so ethereal. His remix of Vitess is so beautiful, in love with the breakdown.
Anna Wall, Corbi – Pipe Dreams [Gottwax]
I still get asked about this one which always makes me smile. I first tested it out in my Boiler Room set recorded back in 2018, and was so happy when it finally saw the light of day on this awesome VA featuring many talented friends and artists.
Silverlining – Ni-CD Deluxe [Silverlining Dubs]
I have so many Silverlining gems in my collection and he’s still making so much incredible music. The Selected Works (1995-1999) he re-released is full of absolute gold. “Ni-CD Deluxe” is one of my all-time favourites. Timeless music.
Gene On Earth – To Bleep Or Not To Bleep [Limousine]
Gene On Earth’s label Limousine has defined a sound and his new album is a perfect representation as well as featuring some slower, more downtempo grooves. This is a pacier one from the album that I’ve been testing out in my sets and it’s been going down a treat.
Helium – Out There [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
I’m a huge fan of Kalahari Oyster Cult and I was over the moon when I found out they’d repressed an old favourite by Helium. I’ve played both “Out There” and “Try Me” near the end of a long night set and they create special moments.
Ascot, WW – Radio Malfunction [Superlux]
This is taken from a top-notch VA compiled by my long time friends Mikey Gill and Nick Gynn, the founders of the label Superlux. Ascot and WW have delivered a ‘90s rave inspired banger channelling the sounds of Sheffield bleep. Proper LFO vibes.
iO (Mulen) – Report [Berg Audio]
I love the sounds of this label Berg Audio; often deep and dubbed out, they work so well in my warm up sets and for the early hours. A recent release is this solid VA named Elements and I’ve been playing out this luscious number by iO (Mulen).
Speedy J – De-Orbit [Warp Records]
When you dig deep you can find Speedy J’s ambient and downtempo excursions; they’re super special and this one is no exception. Iconic release on Warp from ‘92. Perfect end-of-the-night record.