Playlist of the Week: Juliet Fox

Juliet fox
Dec 1, 2021
Juliet Fox
Australian DJ/producer Juliet Fox shows off her impeccable techno palette with Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

I’m really excited to share the fourth release, “Wanna Dance” and “Silence Speaks,” on my own imprint TREGAMBE. These were made in the midst of the lockdown earlier this year in Berlin. They tell the story from the titles alone. Everyone in the clubbing community wanted dancing and raving back, so I recorded my own vocals in a raw, slightly set-back tone to put the urgency into the words for “Wanna Dance.” Then “Silence Speaks” does just that, it has an uplifting bassline that spirals through your body and lets you just feel the music.

Like before, I have also painted the cover artwork myself, as I continue to want to give both the sound and visual experience with my label. I find it’s so important to have other creative outlets, as this helps stimulate the music-making process.

I really hope you find some sense of peace and connect to my music.

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Renato Cohen – Pontape (Robert Hood Remix) [Suara]
This is such a rolling track and I love that extra rawness Robert Hood adds to the remix. Perfect to use early on in my sets and to start building things up.
Indira Paganotto – Sultans of the Mountains [KNTXT]
This is an energising track, you can actually picture yourself high up on a mountain with the mesmerizing vocals giving a trippy atmospheric feel.
Unklevon – Cyborg Romance [Boysnoize Records]
This is a great intro track, or to randomly drop into the middle of your set. Full cyber vibes here with the robotic vocals in it.
INSOLATE – Virtual Being [Korpus 9]
I have recently discovered INSOLATE’s music, and this track sums up her amazing production. With such a simple loop running throughout it, with echoing percussion it creates such a spacey feel. This is great to layer over another track, and just keep it rolling in and out of the set.
I-K-O – Nocturne [DSR Digital]
I-K-O delivers such a strong track that really kicks off with the acid bassline and big drops, it will be sure to get any crowd screaming.
Dax J – Speedball [Monnom Black]
Dax J is one of my top DJs and producers, as he brings so much heat in both performance and production. “Speedball” compliments him so well, with the crazy bassline and oscillation running through it, to really open it up and make such an energising track.
Orbital – Belfast (ANNA Techno Remix) [London Music Stream]
This is one of my all-time favourite tracks which I first discovered on Human Traffic (if you haven’t seen this movie, do it!). It lays the way for the early raving days in the UK, and is just beautiful. ANNA puts the perfect “ANNA” touch to this, and the extra punch it needs for the dancefloor.
D4N – Ocean Eyes [Heist Mode]
If you’re looking for a track to really fill the room with sensual energy, or to just sit and enjoy at home, this is the one. The melody is amazing, and takes you on a full journey from start to finish.
Airod – Rave Tape [Rave Alert]
Just as the title of the track, this is pure rave alert track with the 303 bassline that never fails.