Playlist of the Week: Sébastien Léger

SEBASTIEN LEGER Beatport Playlist
Aug 31, 2022
Sébastien Léger
All Day I Dream favorite and organic house maestro Sébastien Léger hits us with a list of jovial dance floor winners for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Well, hello there! Instead of writing a boring bio that you won’t read till the end, let me tell you that these tunes I carefully chose here are all super nice, lovely, sick, killer, wonderful, happy, and most importantly, colourful. By the way, I am Sébastien Léger, I’m French, and yes, you should know by now that my name is SebastiEn, not the other one that everybody spells wrong all year long! I live in airports and on planes, which isn’t very glamorous, but that’s fine because I like to make you dance and smile! See you soon somewhere in this world!

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Sébastien Léger – Regina Blue [All Day I Dream]
Let’s start this playlist with a little bit of shameless self-promotion. “Regina Blue” is a track I did in 2020 during the lockdown. It only took two years for Lee (Burridge) to realize how good it was! Jokes aside, sometimes timing and stars aren’t aligned at the right moment, but now is the time. Funky and groovy with a classic Leger’s lead in it!
FKA MASH – Silver Skies Forever [September Bloom]
For me, FKA Mash is the most talented artist from South Africa. He tends to mix extremely soulful melodies, groovy afro beats, super tight production, and overall very interesting music. Keep an eye on him. He might land on my label Lost Miracle at some point!
FKA MASH – Because I Love You [September Bloom]
FKA Mash again! The title says it all. And the few words I said above confirm the talent of the man. Incredible music mixing intricate melodies with a solid foundation for a dance floor.
Sébastien Léger, Tim Green – Duel [For a Memory]
Possibly our best collaboration to date with Tim. It is going to be very hard to top for our next one! This is definitely in my top three tracks of the year. It started with a super raw beat and melody from Tim, and I worked on it, adding bass/lead, pads/arrangement, and mixing. After a few back and forths and lots of road testing, we finally ended up with this masterpiece, with Tim adding his final mastering magic on top.
Sébastien Léger – The Indian Gate [All Day I Dream]
Another 2020 track that I made during the pandemic. I only played it on an All Day I Dream live stream two years ago and a couple of times in my sets. Although I really like it, I wasn’t very keen to release this one. Lee (Burridge) played it way more than I did and had to put a gun to my head and tortured me into saying yes. Ok, that’s not exactly how it happened, but there you go, it’s coming out finally!
Tal Fussman – It Was Misunderstood [Innervisions]
In my opinion, this is the best Innervisions track in a very, very, very long time. It sounds incredible on a sound system, has that super classic house to it, and can fit into any set and with any genre. The tune is a perfect example of a piece that will be timeless in the future and simply won’t age. I didn’t misunderstand this one.
Luka Sambe, Zankee Gulati – Burning Sage [Balance Music]
I have played this one in nearly every single set this summer. Super elegant and fluffy melody, but great on the dance floor as well thanks to the breaks and build-ups. It’s not an obvious one. I actually had the promo before the release and did not click with it. It was only later, when I checked it out on Beatport, that I actually bought it! Try it!
Dear Humans – Harvest Moon (Derun Remix) [Sofa Beats]
Now, this is the grooviest track of the year so far. The groove is incredible, super production, and another huge winner for me. This is exactly the type of music I love to play to set the mood. I wish there were more tunes like this — perfect balance with soft vocals and ultra-smooth beats.
Eli Nissan – God Between Us [Lost & Found]
Eli Nissan isn’t just a super nice guy, but he’s also making some of the grooviest tunes around (yes, I’m kind of obsessed with groovy things), but this one is very special. The melody is kind of sad but very full of optimism at the same time. I can’t wait to have Eli on Lost Miracle soon!
Armen Miran, Felix Raphael – Soul Guardian [Cafe De Anatolia]
If I had to choose one vocal track this year, it has to be this one. Everything is nicely balanced — the beat, the vocal, and the lead is so creamy and smooth. I have played this one everywhere as well. Highly recommended!