Playlist of the Week: Floyd Lavine

Floyd Lavine Beatport Playlist of the Week
Sept 14, 2022
Floyd Lavine
Afro house maven Floyd Lavine brings his all-time favorite tunes and Afrofuturist innovations to Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

I am happy to present a Beatport Playlist of the Week to mark the release of The Afrofuturists EP, the first V/A release on my label Afrikan Tales. The label’s vision is about showcasing music from African artists and the diaspora who have been inspired by the continent. You can find a little taste of that EP on this playlist.

I’ve been inspired by so many artists over the years. This list is a top ten that best showcases my style and taste. I know it can be difficult to express oneself in only ten songs. These tracks will give you a glimpse into my mood.

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Carl Craig – Sandstorm [InFiné]
Carl Craig is the guru. Apart from being my favorite producer, “Sandstorm” is a beautiful, sophisticated record. The way the track builds and evolves is powerful.
Louie Vega – Seven Miles (feat. Moodymann) [Nervous Records]
This song speaks to my soul. Louie and Moody in one song is Soul heaven to me. This song is soulful and unassuming but has so much flavor. I can play it any time is a set.
Trikk – Movimento [Innervisions]
Trikk is a super producer. I love the mood that he evokes in this track. This is late-night business. I can picture myself playing this at 3 am in the morning in a dark club. Love it.
Floyd Lavine – Vaseline [Afrikan Tales]
I made this track for those special late-night affairs. ‘Vaseline’ captures that moody energy. It’s a track full of personality, and if played at the right time, it can capture the mood of the night. It’s a proper club track.
Esa, Narch Beats – Blast (Ft. Pendo Zawose) [Dekmantel]
This track takes no prisoners. When you hear this track, you know you’re deep in the club in a middle of a great set, and you’re not leaving the dance floor.
Steffi – Yours (feat. Virginia) [Ostgut Ton]
This is a classic. The track has everything you in need. The balance is just perfect – the emotion and vibe is on point. This has soundtracked many summers in Berlin.
Katimi Ai – Take me back to 2019 [Afrikan Tales]
What I love about this track is that it’s raw house music that is made for the dancefloor. I’m super proud and excited about Katimi Ai, our new signing to Afrikan Tales. The future is bright for her.
Arol $kinzie – Ayini [Afrikan Tales]
This is futuristic Afro music at its best. What I love about this track is how it builds, the groove is so hypnotic, and it has soo much flavor.