Playlist of the Week: Denise Rabe

Denise Rabe Beatport Playlist
Sept 21, 2022
Denise Rabe
Berlin-based DJ/producer Denise Rabe showcases her mythological techno and EBM-infused sound for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Since I moved to Berlin 11 years ago, I’ve been performing in the hopes of giving listeners the same experience I had with techno, which made me start producing my own music and kick-start my own label, Rabe (English translation: Raven), in 2017.

Hoping to create a flow that connects with people, helps them to lose themselves in my sound and become part of the collective moment, guided by a story constructed from noisy, energetic, deep, and hypnotic techno, with a touch of EBM — like the chart I carefully put together for you. I hope you can find something in this selection that resonates with you.

Check out Denise Rabe’s Playlist of the Week on Beatport.
Luis Flores, 1FM – [Illegal Alien LTD]
This is an absolutely killer tune. Super trippy and this fabulous hook which appears in the break and carries on after. I will play this a lot and for a long time! They created timeless beauty.
Mattia Ptere, Daniek Calvi – Stein (Reeko Remix) [Jazz-O-Tech]
I am definitely a big fan girl of Reeko. His productions are unique and authentic with no bullshit; he is not following the hype. Always surprises me with new stuff.
Denise Rabe – Drop It [Belief Defect Remix] [Rabe]
You can hear the bad angel and the good one fighting in all of their music. It’s a constant struggle. Somehow romantic and super sad at the same time. The melodies and the harshness combined mirror yin and yang. For me, it’s all well-balanced. Masterminds!
Quelza – Don’t You Dare [MORD]
One of my favorite new artists on the horizon. Fresh, and also, he has his own tone. His tracks are very intense and juicy. This is not the only track of his that is peak time material.
Ø [Phase] – Intensity Fluctuations [Setaoc Mass Remix] [Modwerks]
High-energy music! Also, in his sets, you can feel it in the air. He takes you on a different journey and sucks you completely in. Setaoc Mass brought the soul of the track to another level.
OneOneOne – Extract (Orphx Remix) [Khemia Records]
Also one of my heroes, the duo from Toronto. I love endless build-ups like in this one here. This mix between trippy and EBM sound choices they always have is just “delicious.” Quality music!
Lidvall – Wooden Crafts [Faut Section]
Lidvall is new to me. Very powerful sounds from Saint-Petersburg. Hope to hear more from him soon. The whole EP is great.
JLTZ – Iteritas 2 [Recorded Things]
It’s just a beautifully designed track. Love these crazy patterns which take you through the whole 6 minutes. I love weird stuff!
Alarico – Spit [TOKEN]
Young fresh artist. Music mirrors his personality — he is energetic and has a great spirit. I love the repetitive voice, and it makes you wanna dance and spit it all out. It’s a workout track.