Playlist of the Week: Fedele

Fedele Beatport Playlist
Sept 7, 2022
Italian dance floor champion Fedele hits us with an unbridled selection of potent tracks for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

When it comes to selecting tracks for playlists, mixes, and charts — I always find it very hard cause I love and play a lot of stuff. This time, to make it easier, I’ve decided to go through my portable SSDs and select some of the tracks I recently played that meant something special to me – some represent personal achievements… some are just the best! Now sit down, press play, and enjoy this playlist!

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Stephan Bodzin – Caligula (Fedele Remix) [Systematic Recordings]
I have a huge attachment to the original track, and when Stephan asked me to remix this, I was so stoked because I knew I could rock it… yeah me! I’ve remixed this great piece of electronic music, which is part of that old club culture – the same club culture that introduced me to this world. When this first came out, I was a dreamer wishing to be touring and playing my music around the world – to remix this represents what a wild and amazing journey it’s been!
Fedele – Riot Dance (Original Mix) [Obscura Music]
This is my latest release and a huge personal achievement! After I left my previous project, this release is my very first EP on my own label — Obscura. It marks the beginning of a new era for me, and it feels amazing to have a platform where I can release anything I want at any time. Lots more music coming!
Rez Dorsia – Abstrakt Lover (Original Mix) [Obscura Music]
During the pandemic, I stayed busy with so many things. One of them was dedicating my time to share my knowledge of music production with other people. Whilst doing a masterclass for a production school in New York, there was one guy really interested in what I was teaching, and who asked me more questions than anyone. Later on, he sent me some of his music and told me that he used my advice from the masterclass to make this EP. It made me so proud, as I was able to inspire him. I actually signed the EP, and now he is one of my favorite producers on my label. Rez Dorsia is the bomb! Jimi Jules is also a big fan of this one, featuring it in his recent Essential Mix.
Juanito State – I Mix Your Love (Original Mix) [Obscura Music]
I’ve been in touch with Juanito for a while. He’s come to my shows for a long time as a fan. He sent me music, and I thought, wow! Love this track from these amazing and talented producers from Colombia, released on my own imprint the last winter. Been playing this a lot. Check the full EP!
Josh Wink – Balls Back (Original) [Ovum Recordings]
What a killer track, it always has a special place in my sets. This has a powerful effect on me, almost a message to myself to “Get your balls back!” Yes, for real, I play this track when I feel it’s the moment to go all the way. No fear, just go. 0 compromises. Motivational effect guaranteed.
Tiga – Easy (Original Mix) [Turbo Recordings]
I love this track. I’d play this one in the middle of my set and the place goes always off, no matter what, which club or country you are, or on which sound system you’re playing it. A real banger!
Moritz Von Oswald Trio, Heinrich Köbberling – Chapter 6 feat. Laurel Halo (Carl Craig Remix) [Modern Recordings]
This one is for music nerds and the audiophiles. It sounds so great and always keeps the energy level very high. The perfect tool from my recent set at Fabric in London. Club recommended!
Solomun – Kreatur Der Nacht feat. Isolation Berlin (Maceo Plex Remix) [NINL]
If you want to destroy the place, you know you’ll have to play a Maceo track in your set. This remix he did for Solomun is a belter, and it always works great!
Locked Groove, Gacha Bakradze – Variation 1 (Original Mix) [Locked Groove Records]
There are some tracks I wish I’d made myself – they are just so damn good – and this is one of those. I play it as the last track of my set, and I just love it. Beautiful track. Congrats to my friend Tim and Gacha for this amazing production.
Shannon – Let the Music Play (Alan Fitzpatrick’s 6AM Terrace Mix – Extended) [Unidisc Music]
When I want to turn my set into something special, I always choose a classic. If you pick the right one – not cheesy or too obvious – you always win. This remix sounds so cool to me, and that’s why I’ve decided to play it at my Circoloco debut at DC10 in Ibiza. The room was literally on fire!