The 7 Best Electro Tracks on Beatport You May Have Missed

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Apr 15, 2022
Will Gulseven
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Nite Fleit, Bianca Oblivion, Ian DPM, Hermeth, and more.
Terra Form – Exiting The Void [Cyberdome]
Malmö’s DJ Different returned for his second release under his Terra Form alias on Entering The Void this month, released on 1Ø PILLS MATE offshoot label Cyberdome. Opening with an almost footwork-like bass pattern quickly joined by a robotic vocal and roaring synth, ‘Exiting The Void’ takes cues from classic electro but with a modern outlook.
Nite Fleit – Overload [Steel City Dance Discs]
Australian-born, London-based Nite Fleit is one of the most essential DJs and producers in the modern electro scene, having released on labels like International Chrome, Planet Euphorique, and Unknown to the Unknown, as well as her own label Atomic Alert. For her latest outing she returned to Mall Grab’s Steel City Dance Discs with the uplifting single ‘Overload’, the first to be released from her upcoming album which is due out over the summer.
Amadeezy, Arm Record – Bass Beat Bang [International Chrome]
Back in 2020, Jensen Interceptor started the International Chromies compilation series as a way to positively unite the electro scene in the face of the pandemic and raise money for a range of good causes. Now on its tenth iteration, the latest Chromies is raising funds for charities supporting humanitarian relief in Ukraine. The whole compilation is worth your time, but opener ‘Bass Beat Bang’ from Boston’s Amadeezy and Arm Record is our pick.
Community Theater – Another of Me (Bianca Oblivion Remix) [Sorry Records]
‘Another of Me’ is taken from the joyous new release from Chrissy and Maria Amor’s Community Theater project, exploring the duo’s love of freestyle, the ’80s genre which blended electro production with pop songwriting. LA native Bianca Oblivion retains the essence of the feel-good original while dialling up the dancefloor energy with her Miami bass-inspired remix.
Hermeth – Mandelectroeiv [Jupiter4]
Swiss producer Hermeth has become a go-to name for high-intensity electro and breaks, and the opening track from his new This Is Hardcore EP is as raucous and rowdy as they come. From the moment its ominous vinyl crackle drops into a slamming acid line, ‘Mandelectroiev’ is a pure rush from start to finish.
Ian DPM – Plenty of Nothing [Definite Party Material]
‘Plenty of Nothing’ is the first track from the new two-track release from Scuffed Recordings co-founder Ian DPM, which is the latest in a string of self-releases on his own Definite Party Material label. Led by the undulating synth work of electro but infused with the groovy swagger of UK garage, ‘Plenty of Nothing’ embodies the genre-dodging approach that makes DPM such an effective producer and DJ.
Luen – Strange Purpose [Motorik]
Australian label and party series Motorik brought long-time associate Luen on board for her first EP on the label earlier this month, backed by heavyweight remixes from Nicola Cruz and Philou Louzolo. The title track is carried along by a low-end squelch, and given a dreamy tone by ethereal, ringing pads.

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