The 7 Best House Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

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Jul 8, 2022
The Checkup
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring House from Sally C, Manda Moor, Brooklyn Baby, and Amy Dabbs.
Marc Brauner, Tender Games – It Makes Me [Shall Not Fade]
I love the label Shall Not Fade and everything they release. It’s really a powerhouse and a goldmine for good music. Marc Brauner & Tender Games’ “It makes me” is precisely the definition of this high quality music. The production on this one is world class from sound design, drum programing and all the processing involved to make this a masterpiece. I love the bassline as well as the vocal and emotion it brings on top of this classic house construct. The whole EP is brilliant!
Sally C – Downtown [Big Saldo’s Chunkers]
Sally C is a force to be reckoned with! Her “Downtown” track on Big Saldo’s Chunkers has been the tune of the last few months and I’ve heard it being played everywhere. If you haven’t heard it yet, you will for sure buy it and play it. The out of this world bassline, vocal sample and classic house drums are all you need for this dancefloor hit to be heard in clubs all over the world for a very long time to come.
Manda Moor – The Climax [Hot Creations]
Manda Moor’s “The Climax” on Hot Creations really caught my attention as it maintains the essence of a house feeling, while touching upon a more techy and deep feeling. That’s really what I like about the record. It has a lot of energy and power but also has a deep and hypnotic groove with only a limited amount of elements. It’s definitely a track I play in my sets and really like the saxophone/trumpet sound that comes in after the break as an extra layer to generate more vibes.
Tour Maubourg – Mighty Groove [Noire & Blanche]
Tour Maubourg is slowly but surely establishing himself as one of the best French producers of the moment. Everything he touches has been outstanding and you can clearly see the evolution as well as improvement in his sound in every release you hear. His latest “Mighty Groove” on Noice & Blanche is a sublime groover that captures a nostalgic, funky and soulful moment in time that will be perfect for any story telling on the dancefloor. I can imagine people getting sucked into this one and bring the dancing up on a notch!
Brooklyn Baby – NYC [Frappé Records]
Brooklyn Baby has been on my radar since 2020 and only has five releases out so far but all with incredible quality and 100% house music. If you like garage influenced house, then look no further with his latest “NYC” on Parisian label Frappé Records. A classic vibe with stabs, strings, catchy vocal and shuffle drums. A less is more approach, but with a great groove that will set the tone to any set you play.
Amy Dabbs – Ghosts [Dabbs Traxx] [HYPE]
Amy Dabbs is back and this time on her own and new imprint Dabbs Traxx.. She is most certainly one to keep an eye out for as she takes over the world with her infectious music. “Ghosts” is a record that checks all the marks in generating all kinds of emotions while maintaining the energy and drive that a dancefloor needs. I love these kinds of tracks that can just take you on a journey and lose yourself a little bit. The chords, harmonic elements and vocal bring out a beautiful nostalgia, while the Kings of Tomorrow-like bassline gets you going and moving.