Playlist of the Week: Matthias Meyer

Matthias Meyer Playlist
Nov 2, 2022
Matthias Meyer
Strangely Enough label boss and long-time Watergate Berlin resident Matthias Meyer takes on Beatport’s Playlist of the Week with some blissed-out dance floor selections.

Hi Beatport, I am Matthias Meyer — long-time Watergate Berlin resident, producer, DJ, remixer, Strangely Enough label boss… I am currently on tour in Brazil and recently released the Saye / System EP with my good friend Budakid on Watergate Records, which is the follow-up to last year’s acclaimed Sweet Ease / Hybrid Society EP.

Firstly, I am honoured to be asked by Beatportal to provide a Playlist of the Week. I’ve been following these playlists for many years and learning more about various artists, giving valuable insights into the music they love and why they mean so much to them. It has also exposed me to many wonderful tracks which I previously did not know that have now become favourites of mine.

My Playlist of the Week submission is very close to my heart, because each of the records represents a person or a moment in time, or a relationship that has special relevance. But also, of course, for the quality of the music. So strap in and enjoy!

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Matthias Meyer, Budakid – Saye [Watergate Records]
I first met Kevin (Budakid) about two years ago and we just clicked immediately. He is so talented in terms of jamming, composing and finding melodies really quickly. I am more the groove and arrangement guy, so it’s a perfect combination. When we worked on ‘Saye’, we knew right away that it was going to be a special one. I have played this track in all of my sets over the last six months and it’s always one of the best tunes of the set. I am happy we can finally show it to the world.
Biesmans – Hipster Paradise [Watergate Records]
Joris aka Biesmans is another really talented friend, originally from Belgium and now living in Berlin. He was working at Watergate and responsible for the technical part of the club. One day, he released amazing music out of the blue. He is one of the best live acts I have seen. There is so much feeling and power in his music and so is this track. Normally his music is a bit more indie and disco, but this one is more emotional with amazing breakbeats. This one fits most to my DJ sets.
Hosh – Tighter (White Square Remix) [Three Six Zero Recordings]
This one is a bit older and yes, it was kind of popular, but I have to mention this one because this is one of my most played tracks ever. This track has literally 3-4 different genres in one track, it’s like a Matthias Meyer set in 1 track 😉 It has the power of a indie dance track, but it’s still emotional, like organic / prog house track but also has some amazing breakbeats ala Bicep. I just love this one.
Matthias Meyer – Strangely Enough (Guy Mantzur Remix) [Strangely Enough]
I have been a big fan of Guy Mantzur for years, so I was really happy he said yes when I asked him for a remix on my label Strangely Enough. When I released the original track ’Strangely Enough’, I was already looking for more four to the floor versions as the original was really deep and breaky. Guy really lifted it to another level. It’s really an amazing production. As well as one of the killers in my sets. The break is just amazing.
Stefan Obermeier – Laya (Musumeci Riviera Remix) [The Soundgarden]
I have to say, I am a Musumeci fanboy. I play at least one track or remix of his in all of my DJ sets. This one is also a great combination of a few genres. It’s disco, indie but very emotional and floaty. It’s just an amazing track to mix into a more “boring” drum track. Then this track shines a lot because it also has an incredible mixdown/master. An all-time killer.
Matthias Meyer – The Choir [Strangely Enough]
Released on my own label Strangely Enough at the start of 2022, ‘The Choir’ has an ethereal atmosphere with human voice elements that always has a goosebump effect on listeners. The feedback for this record was amazing and it is one of my favourite productions in recent years. I started the label as a vehicle of my expression, to be able to release music I felt – with emotion and without boundaries, fifty shades of Meyer and everything in between! ‘The Choir’ is just one aspect of my expression and more will be shown with future releases.
Desglose – Gramal [TAU]
Desglose is an artist I’ve always admired. His live sets are insane and I love the TAU platform with many of my good friends appearing there. ‘Gramal’ is a dancefloor killer with a creative break that always works. Transferring a feeling from the studio to a live setting and using the electronic elements as instruments in real-time is a challenge to be respected by all producers and DJs. Getting the cleanest of polished production to translate on stage during a live set is something Desglose excels at.
Come Closer – Journey Begins [Strangely Enough]
Mike aka Come Closer is a dear friend of mine and excellent producer. ‘Journey Begins’ was released on my label Strangely Enough as we always say he is a unique artist with a similar sound palette to mine. ‘Journey Begins’ is a dreamy aural journey; a full, rich record with hypnotising chimes and delicate percussive elements. With more music planned to come from Come Closer on Strangely Enough, I can assure you that this talent is going to grow and grow as the pending releases keep pushing the boundaries of quality even further.
Lehar – Trionfo & Tragedia [Multinotes]
Google ‘Lehar’ and the word ‘underrated’ pops up. He one of the most slept on talents in our industry today. This majestic record has been in my sets since the start of the summer. The entire EP on Multinotes is fantastic but the esoteric mystery of ‘Trionfo & Tragedia’ works best in my sets. The beauty of his music is that the records can be used almost at any stage during a set. To set the scene at the beginning and ensure the environment has the right tone. Built during peak times and even for closing shows out, there is a knife for every cut in Lehar’s music kitchen.
Khen – Angels Share [Lost & Found]
There really is something unique about Khen’s productions. He is not out of place in so many genres, it’s almost not fair to try and pin him to any single one. The melody underpinned arpeggio is like a transformative mental excursion not just to higher consciousness but alternative lifeforms. He is a magician. I am such a fanboy; I am sure that I could play an entire set of just Khen’s records. Yes, he may have to put a restraining order out on me, but the fans would love it! In the wider playlist, I have included a record Khen made with Roy Rosenfeld out recently on Sebastien Leger’s Lost Miracle label. Both might pop up on the playlist when I roll into your local nightclub or Festival…