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Eamon Harkin POTW
Dec 7, 2022
Eamon Harkin
NYC’s prolific DJ, label owner, music producer, and Nowadays venue operator Eamon Harkin shares some stand-out tracks from the 2022 season of Brooklyn’s iconic Mister Sunday and Mister Saturday Night parties for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Mister Sunday is the longstanding weekly party that happens outside at Nowadays from May to October each year that I play at most weekends. Nowadays is the space and club that Justin Carter and I opened in 2015 to provide a permanent home to our parties Mister Sunday and Mister Saturday Night as well as a club for the community of dancers and DJs of New York.

We just wrapped up the 2022 season, so this is a list of tracks I’ve played a lot this season that have worked really well to a full dancefloor. This year was the first full season with no restrictions after the pandemic lockdown. It was a really big, emotional, high-intensity summer and each of these tracks featured heavily in the mix.

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Fort Romeau – Control [Permanent Vacation]
Peak time psychedelic banger from a great producer. This one always worked to shift the mood into headier territory as the sun was starting to set.
Carl Finlow – Hashtag (Radioactiveman Remix) [Electrix Recordings]
I’ve been a Radioactiveman fan since my days living in London and hearing him play regularly at Fabric. This remix feels like years of a master dedicated to his craft. It really bangs on a good sound system.
DJ Assassin – A Face In The Crowd (Intellidred Mix) [Section Records]
I don’t know too much about DJ Assassin, but I have a handful of his tracks that I play regularly. His production style is very distinctive. I love the UK garage feel of this track but with much darker less soulful tones than you’d normally expect.
Joris Voorn – Incident [SINO]
Top-drawer rolling techno beats with jazz samples that SLAYS.
Doug Lazy – Sky High (Jack Yo Body Dub) [Quantize Recordings]
Hip House never got its dues, but it’s a section of my record selection I go back to again and again to ensure I have another flavor in my sets.
Trevino – Eclipse [Klockworks]
Another great sunset track. As the pads slowly come in over the rolling breaks, a headier darker mood arrives just in time for the party peak.
DJ Funk, Will Clarke – Booty Percolatin’ [Dirtybird]
A ridiculously infectious track which is is obviously reminiscent of the Green Velvet number but sufficiently different to feel fresh and deliver something new to the dancefloor.
Syclops – The Fly [Tirk Records]
A classic from one of my favorite producers and DJs of all time – Maurice Fulton. Narly noise with a tender finish, perfect for cleansing the vibe and setting your set up for a fresh direction.
Reggie Dokes – Hallelujah [Rawax]
Reggie Dokes is one of the producers who almost always features in my sets. The piano, groove and vocal sample here work together so beautifully. A perfect track for early in the party.
Mi-Cara – Casa Beat [Plus Soda Music]
I’m a big fan of Italian House and Italian Disco. This track has to be my favorite Italian House number. I’ve played it at warm-up, peak time, and at the end of the party — it works equally well during all those times.

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