Playlist of the Week: Marcel Fengler

Marcel Fengler Playlist
Dec 14, 2022
Marcel Fengler
Berlin dance floor staple Marcel Fengler celebrates the ten-year-anniversary of his Index Marcel Fengler label with some choice techno cuts for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

I’m happy to share this special playlist with Beatportal on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of my label Index Marcel Fengler (IMF), where I’ve just released a compilation with 14 artists. It’s a “heart project” two years in the making and showcases 12 cuts exclusive to the compilation, and in-line with the imprint’s ethos, unites established and emerging artists. At the same time, it presents productions that span the full breadth of the techno genre – whether it be funky, elegant, industrial, atmospheric or broken beat, right through to the harder techno variety.

As you can imagine, the 10th anniversary of my label IMF is a very special milestone for me. I originally created the label just to have a platform to release my own music. Over the course of the last 10 years, things have changed, of course. But it has always been a central need of mine to be inspired by the artists who release on IMF, but at the same time not to run after trends without any exception. This is expressed both in the artistic and musical composition of 10 Years IMF compilation. My aim is to have tracks that are both functional and exciting. The compilation, as well my playlist selection, follows my multi-faceted vision of techno, curating a line-up of tracks from artists across the generations.

The 10 Years IMF V/A compilation is out now via Index Marcel Fengler. Buy it on Beatport.

Check out Marcel Fengler’s Playlist of the Week on Beatport.
Etapp Kyle – None [Index Marcel Fengler]
Etapp Kyle and I have actually known each other for many years and he’s always someone I’ve appreciated because of his multi-faceted production skills, alongside being an obviously fantastic DJ. After terrific originals and remixes on Ostgut Ton, Klockworks and Yael, he has convinced me again of his special talent with his contribution to the ’10 Years IMF’ titled “None” — a track which impresses me with its intricate arrangement. I always find myself breaking down the production and thinking about how it was created it, which as a music producer excites me the most. It’s a stunning track and I’m so pleased to have it on IMF.
Quelza – Krant [MORD]
Quelza is another very strong artist with a huge repertoire in production skills that is varying from cinematic and thrilling soundscapes, to the IDM-informed punchier side of things. So he impressed me with a bunch of releases on Hayes Collective, 47 and also MORD. Krant is taken from that release and encapsulates an enormous beauty, while always pushing forward at the same time.
Marcel Fengler, The Advent – One Shot [Index Marcel Fengler]
I don’t think much more needs to be said about an artist like Cisco Ferreira, aka The Advent. An absolute master of his craft and I can hardly say how many tracks of his I have played in my sets over the years. Especially the straight productions on Kombinat Records were a must in my record case. But also more recent releases like on Klockworks and various remixes that have lost nothing of his timeless charm. So, I’m super happy to have worked on a track together with Cisco for the 10 Years IMF V/A. I think “One Shot” is a successful symbiosis of our two visions, which are basically not so far apart, as we have found out several times during our production process.
Lars Huismann – Nudge [Mutual Rhythm]
I’ve been getting a big fan of Lars Huismann productions over the last five years with gems on multiple labels like Animal Farm, Children of Tomorrow or Soma Records. I’ve even got the Berlin-based DJ and producer just completely in the zone with his recent productions on Mutual Rhythm. After his Sound From The Past (Part 1) EP beginning of this year he smashed it again with the second part on Mutual Rhythm. Nudge has been picked, but it could have also been any other track of this EP. An ultimate groover where you can’t stand still.
STEYA – Prototype X [Index Marcel Fengler]
I have been really impressed with STEYA’s development over the last three years and it was an easy choice to include her on the ’10 YEARS IMF’ V/A. Her DJ sets are well-selected and on-point, while her productions have this unmistakable sexy groove and punchiness that I love. I’m very happy to have her on this anniversary release and look forward to releasing her first EP on IMF on 2023.
Not A Headliner – Grateful Dead [Moral Standarts]
The Spanish artist Not A Headliner is a further great emerging talent. There are actually only just a few productions out so far, but every time I got the chance to grab one, I’ve been really into it as I really like his uncompromising style that ranges from melodic to tougher ends. “Grateful Dead” has been picked from his recent release on Moral Standard and shows his skills in all their beauty.
Chontane – Dira [Index Marcel Fengler]
I rate Chontane as one of the most exciting producers out of the new techno generation coming through. What makes him special is the soulful sound layers and danceable grooves that characterise his tracks – check out past releases on Rekids, Arts and Mutual Rhythm for evidence of this. I’ve chosen his track ‘Dare’ to feature on the 10 Years IMF compilation and it represents why I rate him so highly. I’m so happy to have him part of the IMF family now!
The Lady Machine – Collide [Mote Evolver]
This Brazilian-born and Berlin-based DJ/producer is absolutely on fire with her functional rollers and her very distinctive sound design. It was absolutely great to see her production on Mote Evolver as I think it fits the label very well. ‘Collide’ is my absolutely favorite tune from this release and it feels to me like a modern interpretation of a proper Regis sound aesthetic on Downwards. It’s awesome and I love to play it loud in my sets!
Scalameriya – Rzarzarza [Index Marcel Fengler]
This guy is just so insanely skilled in sound design. It’s always such a big pleasure but also fascinating at the same time to analyze productions of Scalameriya. He’s made incredibly good productions on Perc and 47 on the industrial end of music and so we’ve been in touch about music since a few years. “Rzarzarza” is the outcome of multiple exchanges of tracks and I insanely love this Transformer-sounding banger.
Invexis – Manupilated Structures [Compound]
The German DJ was already very familiar to me with amazing productions around the 2000’s, and he completely got me with a few releases on Kazumi as well as Lifeform Recordings back then. “Manipulated Structures” has been released also around that time on Glenn Wilsons’s label Compound. The whole EP is really good and reveals some timeless techno tracks but “Manipulated Structures” is my pick on this release. Some new bangers are on their way, and I can’t wait to take a listen!