Playlist of the Week: Duke Dumont

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May 28, 2021
Duke Dumont
British dance music phenomenon Duke Dumont shares the tracks that he’s ready to play out loud at the clubs for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.
It is nice to be trawling through Beatport again, looking for gems to play out. Kudos to the acts that continued to make dance music during a time where none of us could gather and dance. You continued to make dance music, and regardless of the circumstance, it shows your heart and soul are dedicated to this. May you continue to bring unity and togetherness to a dancefloor soon. Much love!
Duke Dumont & Channel Tres – Alter Ego (Extended Mix) [EMI]
We actually recorded this in the studio three years ago in LA. I had a simple bassline and drums, and Channel Tres did his thing. The idea behind the song was about creating an alter ego to go on a night out. The goal was to make a direct club record with some personality.
Joseph Edmund – Baewatch [Hot Creations]
Looking forward to playing this out. Tonnes of charm. Perfectly chosen sample. Reminds me of a busier SIS – Nesrib, with its ’80s sampling charm.
Gene Farris & Kid Enigma- David Copperfield [Farris Wheel Recordings]
My buddy Kid Enigma on this record with Gene Farris. Gene has a knack for writing hooks. Completely undervalued quality in house music. Love the attitude of this record.
Boyz Noise – All I Want [Defected]
Great video of this record, check it out. Love the modular sounds that Alex executes perfectly. Boys Noize knows how to keep modular fun. Much like Soulwax. It’s an underrated skill to be able to achieve.
Dark Arts Club – Squeaks n Cheats [W&O Street Tracks]
Reminds me of a new take on Miami Bass records, so right up my street.
Duke Dumont & Kid Enigma – Let Me Dance [EMI]
We’ve worked on ideas together for over five years. But we made this in about two days between us. It all started with the groove, and Kid Enigma sprinkled the sugar.
Cinthie – City Lights [Aus Music]
Cinthie is one of those acts whose music I generally look forward to hearing when I see a new record being released. The balance of being proggy, but still retaining a soul is perfect on this record.
ANOTR – Capture Thing [Snatch! Recordings]
I like it when the ANOTR go straight up jacking house as they have on this record. Their records have been a mainstay in my sets for years.
Charlotte De Witte – Doppler [KNTXT]
Love this. Synth hook looped again and again, charismatically executed without getting monotonous.
Duke Dumont – Love Song (Will Clarke Remix) [EMI]
One of my favorite remixes anyone has done of my music. It retains the emotion of the original but toughens it up.
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