The 7 Best Dance / Electro Pop Tracks You May Have Missed On Beatport

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May 13, 2022
Jordan Mafi
Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Aluna, Pat Lok, J.Worra, Ghastly, and more.
Aluna, Jayda G – Mine O’ Mine [Mad Decent]
I can proudly say that I’ve been obsessed with Aluna and her unmistakable voice for many years, and when I saw that she and Jayda G came together for their own tune, I couldn’t wait to hear it. “Mine O’ Mine” via Mad Decent was made for getting down on the dance floor and singing along without a care in the world — I specifically love turning this one up loud while driving around on a sunny day in Los Angeles.
Pat Lok – Good Vibe [Nurtured Ideas]
Who’s in the mood for some funk? Put on the latest from Pat Lok and I guarantee your mood will get a hefty boost by the time it’s over: “Good Vibe” is yet another positively springy tune from the ever-evolving producer, out now on Nurtured Ideas. This one makes for a fantastic closer for a day party DJ set, or perhaps the party-starter for an intimate night in with your closest friends and a few drinks. Whatever the occasion, everything you need to know about this track is in the title.
J.Worra – Burn This House ft. Little Boots [Insomniac Records]
House maven J.Worra just dropped my newest favorite track, out now on Insomniac Records: “Burn This House” featuring Little Boots reminds me of why I love dance music so fucking much. J.Worra’s infectious grooves sound right at home with Little Boots’ instantly-recognizable voice, making this tune perfect for both the dance floor and the radio.
Ghastly – I Have Ur Back [Haunted Haus Collective]
In case you missed it, Ghastly dropped a massive album just last month: Haunted Haus includes 17 tracks from the versatile producer, including one of my favorites from his catalog. “I Have Ur Back” simply makes me feel good. Upbeat and full of life, this track is aptly titled: Ghastly’s got my back with this instant mood-lifter.
Alexis Knox – Think About It ft. Mila Falls (VIP Mix) [Perfect Havoc]
If you’ve heard Alexis Knox’s addictive “Think About It” featuring Mila Falls, you’re going to love the VIP she dropped a few weeks back. Full of contagious energy and a chunky bassline, this pumped-up rework of the original tune has just the right dose of bounce for your crowd. There’s nothing I love more than two talented, high-spirited women coming together to make a hit.
LUCATI – #1 [Confession]
It’s always exciting to see an artist switch up their style every now and then; this time, bass house mainstay LUCATI leans toward the commercial side of dance music on the deeply moving and grooving “#1” via Confession. I’m in love with the vocal on this track and it sounds so smooth on top of LUCATI’s fluid beats, almost like I’m listening to a pop song underwater. This tune’s my #1 for sitting back and letting the world melt away.
Kiara, Mariline – Bow & Arrow [Sovereign Records]
Keep the good times coming with another ebullient track from two rising stars in the scene: Mariline and Kiara link up for “Bow & Arrow” on Sovereign Records, one of my favorite labels that breaks new talent in dance and EDM. This tune is a great addition to whatever playlist gets you in a great mood for the day ahead; it’s also a worthy spin for a casual DJ set by the pool. Up and up we go! Start your free trial of Beatport LINK.