Playlist of the Week: JakoJako

Jako Jako Beatport Playlist 1
Feb 15, 2023
Berlin’s modular synthesis mastermind, Berghain resident, and Mute’s newest signing, JakoJako, takes us on an intimate journey through the sounds that make her tick with Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Hey, I’m JakoJako, and I am a producer, live act, and DJ. I like to explore different genres in the studio. At the moment, I’m having fun making cute modular melodies with broken rhythms. I ́m playing a few different types of live sets, depending on the context, whether it’s a concert or a
set in the club. What I do as a producer and live act is also what makes up my DJ sets. At the moment, it’s a mix of melodies and pads paired with heavy straight beats and broken rhythm twists here and there.

As an introduction to my productions, I put a new track of mine in here. Then sorted the tracks alphabetically by artist name, as they are all equally awesome. Some of the artists I met personally at gigs or in Schneidersladen, and others I just know through the internet, through platforms like SoundCloud. More to read about below. I hope you enjoy and always support the artists if you like their music. Thanks for listening, and one love!

JakoJako’s two-tracker Opak is out now via Mute. Buy it on Beatport.

Check out JakoJako’s Playlist of the Week over at Beatport.
Arthur Robert – Archiever [Planet X Recordings]
Arthur Robert a seriously talented artist who’s using his modular synth to create full tracks. We actually got to know each other through the eurorack scene. All his tracks have a certain style; whenever somebody plays one of his tracks, I recognize them immediately. It’s those unquantized melodies paired with the rising white noise hi-hats that make it so remarkable. The track “Archiever” is different and wakes up trippy moments on the dance floor. I love the vocals in there.
ANNĒ – Trinity [Life In Patterns]
The talented ANNĒ released six big bangers on an EP of the same name via Life In Patterns. I love to play Ferdinger’s tracks in my DJ sets since he makes great use of very musical elements in his track. I discovered ANNĒ through a charity compilation last year and I have been a fan ever since.
Antic Soul – Yuna [Entourage Concept]
These guys run the record label Entourage Concept. A label full of nourishing chords. It’s their own release on that label. Every single track has a beautiful chord, dub element to warm dancing booties.
Abstract Division – Solar Return [Dynamic Reflection]
This one and the track “Dissolute” of the same album Midnight Ensemble are great to layer with more tooly tracks. It can change the whole atmosphere of a banging drum track when mixing, warming things up, and giving life to the dance floor. The album is released on their own label, Dynamic Reflection.
Arkan – Orphan Love [Drawner Records]
I like the bouncy sidechaining in this track. I’m a big fan of Drawner Records and am playing their releases a lot, like the KUSS record, for example.
Banu – Harem (feat. Prince Emrah) [Intergalactic Research Institute For Sound]
I got to know Banu through Irakli, and she released her first album through his label Intergalactic Research Institute For Sound. All tracks are produced with the Korg Arp 2600 and I think you can hear that quite well in this track. It’s those pinged filter drops I like the most.
Cyrk – Tsikey [Cultivated Electronics]
A high energy electro track from Cyrk’s EP Attack Of The Blow Up Dolls, which is out now via Cultivated Electronics. I had the opportunity to spend some time with these boys in their studio. They ́re hardcore synth nerds and we have a similar workflow, so making a track with them was a lot of fun. We were laughing our asses off most of the time.
Daniel[i] – 12 [Lowless]
Daniel[i] is usually my secret weapon when playing a hypnotic set.
Francesco Devincenti, Giordano – Out Of It [Gasolio Dubplate Series]
No bullshit, only quality on Francesco Devincentis’ label GDS. He runs his own mastering studio where he does Dublates for a lot of people in Berlin and further afield. As a live act, he uses a similar setup to me, and that’s how we started talking!