Playlist of the Week: wAFF

W AFF Beatport Playlist
Jan 11, 2023
The eminent dance floor heavyweight wAFF treats us with a prismatic selection of fresh house tunes for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

In this playlist, I have added a variety of different styles of music I’ve been playing recently. Starting things off with some nice house grooves before moving more into some darker tones and rolling beats, before ending the playlist with some big room house/tech house. The majority of this playlist is all fresh music that I’ve found recently, and many of these you will definitely hear in my current sets. I really enjoy all colours of house music, from minimal to deep house, classic house to tech house, and one of my most loved sounds is techno… although I’ll save the techno for another playlist. It’s a good mixture of dancefloor fillers and grooves that I think would be great to hear in a set.

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wAFF – Sicko [NATURE]
“Sicko” is a new track from my latest EP on my new record label Nature, and I would say this is my favourite track on the EP. There’s just something about the bass groove that I love; it’s different sounding and one track that always creates a wicked energy on the dancefloor.
Andrew Azara – Gruuve [likeminded]
“Gruuve” is just a really sick upbeat house track. I love the sounds that are used in this track, particularly that synth chord sound that works so well together with the bass and groove. It’s just a killer dancefloor house track.
Too Heavy Crew – Geysers Tune [Sticker Music]
This sounds so good on a good system. It sounds great anyway, haha, but that really chunky bassline and then the hypnotic techno rave sound on the buildup leading you to the drop just creates a sick impact on the final drop. Big tune.
Ssero – Enzzz [Moan]
This track is just cool as fuck. I love the darker tones of this track. Heads down rolling grooves. I really enjoy this style of music, and it’s perfect for when you want to bring the set down for a moment and create a steady cool vibe. It’s really well produced, and I love how everything has its own space. It’s stripped back, although there’s still a lot going on.
Just like I mentioned with Ssero’s track “Enzz,” it’s a really cool minimal beat and great for stripping the set back and getting people in the zone. I love this vibe, a really nice beat. Groovy yet stripped right back with some lovely sounds involved. A very cool track.
Bizen Lopez – La Reflexion [Sibil-la Music]
This track is perfect for when you want to start getting into the heavier vibe in a set. It sets it up nicely to go into the more rolling darker vibes. This is a really well-produced track, with some sick noises and glitchy sounds going on. But the element I love most is the vocal and the effects used on it. Big drop and goes off in the club.
Tomas Bisquierra – Dinner Waffles [Manicomio Music]
I’m a big fan of this guy’s music. He makes some really decent rolling tech house infused with tribal percussion, just how I like it! This is a track I’ve been playing recently, and it goes off every single time in a club. Big drops and big beats, perfect for big room sets.
Hassler – Love Boat Samba [Pets Recordings]
I love the tribal vibe to this track. It’s perfect for when you really get into the set and want to keep things rolling. It reminds me of Luciano, which will always work for me! I’m a big fan of the siren noises when the drop comes in, and I think the breakdown is a perfect way to get the crowd excited for the drop. A really nice track that goes off when played at the right time.
Josh Butler, Illyus & Barrientos – Mic Rock [Snatch! Records]
I really love this bassline, particularly the higher octave on the bass on the 8th bar. It’s complemented by great percussion and skipping snares. It all works so well together. The vocal really works for this track too. It fits well with the vibe and doesn’t steer off in a direction that feels cheesy or not well-suited. Everything works well together, and it’s just a really decent track. This one definitely does damage on the dancefloor.
Vengaboys – The Vengabeat [Breakin’ Records]
Well, how can you not enjoy this track if you love house music? Some old skool keys for the breakdown, which get the hands in the air. Add in nice jackin’ loops, and a big vocal. The vocal is wicked, but the groove, hats and that warping bass synth are just killer. It’s so so good. I just wanna hear this on Amnesia Terrace at 6 am whilst sweating my tits off going mental, ha. A wicked track and one track that I will always have in my playlists. It’s a gem.