Playlist of the Week: Zero

Zero Beatport Playlist 1536x715
Jul 13, 2022
Bass music kingpin Zero puts together an adrenaline-fuelled selection of dance floor belters for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.
Hello, my name is Zero and I’m a bass music producer/DJ that typically makes high-energy, quite aggressive sounding rave-ready tracks. The best way I’d describe my sound if someone was to ask me what kind of music I make would basically be; ‘drum and bass sound design over a house/garage four on the floor drumbeat, sprinkled with hints of various other underground UK genres and influences’. I’ve always tried to keep my live sets as interesting as possible and I love playing different-sounding tracks that some people usually would turn their nose up to, but if played in the right environment and amongst the correct tunes, they fit right in and may sway the potentially unsure first-time listener. This playlist is me trying to capture all the different styles of bass music that you could expect to hear in a typical, full-throttle Zero set. It’s quite hard to do that in just this many tracks, but to me, these are all seriously good tunes that are all unique in their own right – and if you played them all in mix together, they would all 100% make sense.
Zero – Party Right [Guilty As Charged]
Kicking things off with a track that really encapsulates my sound and sets a precedent of the sort of powerful tracks to expect in my live shows, Party Right is my latest release and is just a pure high-energy banger with everything you would expect from a classic ‘Zero’ track if you would. Big crunchy sound design, gully vocals, distorted breaks and punchy four-to-the-floor drums.
Notion – Found Love [NOTION]
One of the most consistent producers to ever grace the UK bass scene, this is one of his finest tracks in my opinion. Not only is it a big dancefloor tune, but it’s also got that crossover radio sound in a way that somehow still goes off in the rave. Very hard to achieve but has been done perfectly with that main detuned kind of donk/m1 organ bass throughout.
NuBass, Deppz – Knock Knock [BARCODES]
Probably the most anticipated track to be released on my label, with crazy support amongst literally everyone in the UK bass club scene, as well as names like Four Tet and Skrillex… this one is as angry as it gets. Powerful low-end drums with an array of moody mid basses. Never doesn’t go off.
Michael Sparks – Juggernaut [Crucast]
Again, another track absolutely battered by most across the UK bass club scene, this man never disappoints. The production on Michael Sparks’ tracks makes all his music so appealing for me to play as they fit perfectly amongst all the other tightly crafted bangers i usually draw for.
MPH – Close Your Eyes [Night Bass]
This man is up there with the best when it comes to merging nice listenable sounds and gully basslines. This track especially is a testament to that. Lovely floaty chords interrupted by a seriously dark detuned kind of lazy saw wave bass pattern.
Habstrakt – High [HARD Recs]
One of my favourite producers of all time. The French madman that is Habstrakt can turn his hand to anything. With this one, he went a bit more laidback but keeping his steppy 4×4 drums in order, as well as big stereo width across all those lovely analogue synths he spends so long crafting.
Flava D, Sammy Virji – Truth [Sammy Virji]
An extremely tasty link up which sounds exactly how you’d expect but in the best way possible. Not sure why it took these two so long to link up, but boy does it not disappoint. Simple yet so effective. Bouncy and energetic with flawless production.
Zero – Feel So Free [Guilty As Charged]
The lead single in my forthcoming seven-track mixtape and to me one of my favourite tracks I’ve made to date. I have a lot of love for this track as it takes inspiration and influence from so many different underground UK genres that have inspired me over the years and ultimately shaped my sound. A simple yet brutal dance-floor banger with chopped-up soulful vocals to keep the energy flowing start to finish.
Bushbaby – Annihilation [Southpoint]
Another staple in my sets and a track this is quite old now but has really stood the test of time. A classic Bushbaby bassline banger. Sad to see this project take a back seat for the time being as he was one of the best in the game and this tune shows why he was so ahead of everyone else considering it was made back in 2018 I believe.
Sikdope, Tima Dee, Gentlemens Club – Ballin [Create Music Group]
Lovely little remix from my boys, Gentlemen’s Club. This one is proper unique. It’s got that classic kind of bass house sound with a sort of low-end speed garage/bassline feel, all tied together with crazy production and a hypnotic vocal.
Claybrook – Headshot [Lengoland]
Potentially my all-time favourite UK bass tune. This gets played every set without fail and will continue to shut down any dance for years to come. Claybrook is one of the most technically gifted producers about. The sound design in this track is so evil but just so good. So easy to mix as well with a short intro and big energetic build-up. An all-time classic.
Zero – Barry White [Crucast]
This is one of those tunes that as time goes on has become more and more of an anthem, and now is one of my biggest original tracks. The two-bar pre-drop vocal combined with the simple chant-like bass melody is perfect for those rowdy singalong crowds. A true staple in my sets.
Anti Up – Chromatic [Big Beat Records]
The latest instalment from Chris Lorenzo and Chris Lake under their Anti Up alias. A true house/bass house anthem. Impeccable production and a vocal that basically makes this track what it is and allows the bassline to be so simple but again so powerful and so effective.
Curbi – Jaw Drop [Confession]
A dark horse when it comes to UK bass tracks as he makes a whole load of other styles as well, but Curbi is not one to ignore as time and time again he has released some seriously large dancefloor fillers. This one is especially gully and fits perfectly amongst the standard of grittiness you usually find in my live sets.