Playlist of the Week: ABSOLUTE.

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Jun 9, 2021
The adept rave maestro ABSOLUTE. opens up the magic doors to Wonderland with his Beatport Playlist of the Week.
Writing my debut mixtape album, Wonderland, during lockdown brought me back to life. It reminded me once again of the sheer power of music: its ability to change our mood, give us some release, and even for a short time, to give us a sense of euphoria and freedom. When we were trapped and needed to feel a part of something bigger, to experience those cherished connections we longed for, music helped to fill that void. During the writing process, I discovered where my building stood was once home to the legendary rave venue, Wonderland Area. Thirty years before, Carl Cox, The Prodigy, and Frankie Knuckles all played there. It felt like a sign from the universe and became the name of the album. In this playlist, I wanted to select tracks that help us escape, to feel like we’re back together or part of something bigger again, so there are select tracks from my Wonderland mixtape and tunes that I’m most excited to play loud and proud once those magic doors open again. These tracks have given me life when I needed it most. I hope they can do the same for you, whether that’s at home or on a dancefloor together very soon.
ABSOLUTE. – Sage Comme Une Image (Good as Gold) [Skint]
I wanted to make a track that instantly felt like summer, no messing, just pure sunshine and energy that makes me feel like I’m dancing outside in the sun with my LGBTQ+ family, living our best lives.
ABSOLUTE. – U4IA ft. Bklava [Skint]
This record for me is ultimate peak time, rave euphoria. Pummeling kicks meet euphoric piano chords alongside vocals from the incredibly talented Bklava. I was imagining being at the biggest outdoor UK rave, desperate to escape the four walls of lockdown when writing this.
ABSOLUTE. – Peace in the East [Skint]
A heads down, unapologetic techno driver with an instantly recognisable flute riff, driving organ bass and energetic live percussion that keeps building and building the drama and tension until finally releasing back to simpler times. Perhaps a euphemism for these trying times and the release once the world opens its doors to us all once more.
ABSOLUTE. – Fauna [Skint]
This is one of the first tracks I wrote for Wonderland. It was at the start of lockdown. I was completely deflated, had no drive, and felt in a huge creative hole, so I decided to try an idea generation course by Mike Monday. I ended up writing 100 track demos in less than a couple of weeks. It was by far the biggest output I’d ever had and it became the starting point for the Wonderland mixtape. It felt like the perfect emotional closing tune.
ABSOLUTE. – String Theory [Skint]
This dramatic techno track really helped to kick start my career, from making it in my bedroom to Pete Tong selecting it as his Essential New Tune and it being played most weeks on BBC Radio 1 during the first part of 2020. There has been so much support across the board from Amile Lens to Annie Mac — who dropped it at Printworks — yet because of the pandemic, I’ve only been able to play it out a couple of times!
Kano – It’s a War (Serge Santiago UK Re-Edit) [Antibemusic]
This is a perfect opening track for me — it’s impossible not to be hooked in immediately. it’s happy, energetic, and stripped back to give you just enough to keep moving.
The Chemical Brothers – Darkness That You Fear (HAAi Remix) [EMI]
This remix is perfect. I love the way it builds with all the right warm analog textures and energy levels combined with an incredible arrangement. When the second vocal drops with the disco bass and energy lifts everything, you can truly lose yourself in it.
Elvin T – Get Close [Regraded]
Another one that’s perfect for sunshine and gives all those warm analog textures that really draw me into records. Coming on Midland’s Regraded label.
Justin Cudmore, Brookes Mosher – Out Run [Cin Cin]
Justin is such a talent and is one of my favourite NYC producers and DJs. This track takes things from day to night with a driving arpeggiated bass, grinding stabs and crisp drums.
DJ Deeon – XXX [Factory Music Chicago]
The legendary DJ Deeon is a mainstay of my sets, I always love his energy, this is a current favourite which hits that perfect spot between energetic house and disco. Coming on Factory Music Chicago, the new label by two other Chicago heroes Steve Poindexter and Traxman.
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