Playlist of the Week: Jennifer Cardini

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Jun 16, 2021
Jennifer Cardini
Established French DJ/producer and Correspondant boss Jennifer Cardini celebrates Pride month and pays homage to the queer roots of dance music with Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

I am honored to be Beatport’s Playlist of the Week guest during Pride Month! I’m super proud to see so many LGBTQI+ talents rising in the last few years. We have, of course, much more to do in increasing visibility. But, let’s not forget that the roots of dance music are queer!

From the founders of house music to the new generation of producers, it’s important to remember that the roots of house and techno run deep in the African American and Latin American LGBTQI+ community. Although often overlooked, we must celebrate our unique community, which still remains a strong and driving pulse at the heart of clubbing.

Happy Pride Month, everyone!

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Borusiade – Atlas [Unterton]
Beautiful EP from Borusiade on Unterton. Leaving the cold wave behind to push the boundaries of ambient. Just for now, though, as she’ll be back on Dischi Autunno with some driving EBM and new wave vibes.
Sfire – Sfire 2 (Kris Baha ’86 Remix) [Emotional Especial]
Sfire is the project of SOPHIE, who sadly left us earlier this year, and DJ Jeffrey Sfire. I love the ’80s vibe Kris Baha brings in with his remix and the sexy vocals of Jeffrey. This hasn’t left my playlist.
Cormac – Perfect Time [Correspondant]
We all always have a “Perfect Time” with Cormac, whether he is behind the booth or producing electronic slows like this one! Looking forward to having him back on Correspondant soon but in the meantime, check his label Polari; it’s great! Love the ROTCIV release.
Justin Cudmore, Brooks Mosher – Out Run [Cin Cin]
I think I’ve played all Justin’s releases so far. I love his grooves. Sometimes it reminds me of Teknotika. This one is out on CinCin, a great label run by Fort Romeau.
Kim Ann Foxman – Blood Moon [Emotional Especial]
Kim Ann’s trippy re-lecture of the ’90s is so special and unique. We’ve toured together in the US before Covid, and I can’t wait to play more trippy b2b sets with her.
Aaron-Carl – Down [Electrofunk Records]
Aaron-Carl is a Detroit legend. Down is still one of my Panorama Bar all-time favourites. Interesting PRIDE fact — this track was a lusty personal declaration of pride by a young black gay man showing that he was in control of his sexuality. Read more about him here.
Love Letters – Servito 95 [The Bunker New York]
Mike Servito brings us some monsieur Acid from New York.
Crushed Soul – Gravitational Field [Dark Entries Records]
Steffi is one of the best producers I know, and this EP on Dark Entries under her Crushed Soul moniker is just excellent. Every track is so tight. She is also a fantastic DJ.
Terr – Energy Sync [Phantasy Sound]
Love this one on Erol Alkan’s excellent label, Phantasy. Terr will be on Correspondant both as a remixer and for a full release together with Daniel Watts.
Mala Ika – Störung [Correspondant]
Mala Ika is gaining attention both in France (where she lives ) and internationally. I am happy to have her back on Correspondant next year! Störung was one of our last label compilation highlights. A full power, twisted house banger.
Deena Abdelwahed – Ken Skett… [InFine]
Deena sounds like no one else, and that’s rare. She is brilliant, and she is the future.
DJs Pareja – Kappov [Dischi Autunno]
DJs Paraja are a Buenos Aires-based DJ and producer duo. They are an integral part of the South American underground. They contributed to Dischi’s first compilation Intermezzo, and if you haven’t checked it yet, please do so. The compilation has a lot of heat with Curses, Kendal, and Pablo, to name a few others. Learn more about DJs Pareja here.
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