Playlist of the Week: Lilly Palmer

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Jun 5, 2024
Lilly Palmer
Ahead of her headlining performance at The Moment x Beatport's 'The Moment Mix' showcase at Volkswagon Arena in Istanbul, Lilly Palmer puts together a riotous playlist of dance floor bangers for Beatport's Playlist of the Week.

With millions of avid fans from across the globe, Lilly Palmer is one of the fastest-rising breakthrough acts in the modern techno scene. Energetic, driving, and melodic, Lilly Palmer's unique sound and creativity are a force to be reckoned with.

On June 8th, Lilly Palmer will light up the Turkish capital as the headlining act for the first leg of The Moment & Beatport's international tour and DJ competition, The Moment Mix World Tour. Ahead of this highly anticipated performance from the dance music powerhouse, Palmer has put together a surefire and comprehensive playlist of hefty techno, vertiginous trance, explosive hardcore, and more!


The Moment Mix World Tour, which spans six nations, kicks off in Istanbul on June 8th. Lilly Palmer will headline, supported by Turkish talents Ferhat Albayrak, Ece, Y.Unan, and Onur. Learn more here.

Check out Lilly Palmer's 'Playlist of the Week x The Moment Mix Chart' on Beatport
Lilly Palmer - New Generation [Armada Music]
This track is a very special one for me. It contains the change in the techno scene and it is also the official anthem of Nature One. They have been big supporters of mine from the very beginning and this is the highlight of our collaboration so far.
LUSU - Ready For The Bass [Arcane Music]
I love the energy of this track. The captivating choral voices and the energetic vocal sample. The track will continue to accompany me in my sets throughout the summer!
Maddix, Ceres - Adrenalina (Minha Gasolina) [EXTATIC Records]
Maddix is the real new discovery for me. I love his productions, his crazy ideas and his creativity. This track with its Spanish vocals is so unique. I just have to play it.
Lilly Palmer - Hare Ram [Armada Music]
I can truly say that I am in love with my own song. Hare Ram has a very special meaning for me and when I see the reactions on the dance floor, I just feel that this is one of my biggest hits so far.
Alignment - The Sound [KNTXT]
Who can't immediately jump up and start dancing to this bassline? This banger is a must. The old-school hard trance vibe is simply unbeatable when it comes to getting the dance floor go bazerk.
Maddix, Leila K - Open Sesame (Abracadabra) [Revealed Recordings]
Can you revive an old classic better than Maddix has done together with the original artist Leila K? The power of this remake is unbelievable and the ravers love the number, as do I.
Eli Brown, Lilly Palmer - Gasoline [
My collaboration with Eli Brown was great fun, and our B2B at Beyond Wonderland was sensational. Our first joint production is the result of this joint venture.
Gabry Ponte, T-78 - Convivium [EXTATIC Records]
Somehow I currently have a soft spot for choral sounds. The combination of this absolutely brutal rave synth with the choir and the pulsating dry bassline makes this track so unique and cool
RBX - Enter The Game [Infamia Records]
A totally brutal tune. A completely dry sound that immediately gets down to business. Judgement day on the dance floor.
Lilly Palmer - Escape [Armada Music]
And here again, the melodic and choral side of me. I still love melodies that cast a spell over you and don't let go, and I really wanted to produce a track like this. Magical, dreamy, and uplifting. I think that I have succeeded totally well