Playlist of the Week: Lauren Mia

Lauren Mia Beatport POTW
May 29, 2024
Lauren Mia
The exquisite LA-based DJ/producer, musician, composer, and label head Lauren Mia ushers in the arrival of a stunning remix package of her debut album 'RE:BIRTH' with some stirring selects for Beatport's Playlist of the Week.

Hi everyone, it’s Lauren Mia here and I am thrilled to be curating a playlist for Beatport this week. A bit about me — I am a Los Angeles-based musician, composer, and producer. I began pursuing music professionally almost a decade ago and am blessed to have encountered countless inspirations and moments of growth, which translates into my playlist picks. These songs are from artists whom I deeply respect, admire, and have either worked with or who have influenced my sound at various points in my journey as a music producer and sound designer. I am so happy to be sharing with you some music that truly moves me – pieces that resonate with my essence and soul.

Speaking of sharing music, I am also the founder of my Ear Porn record label, where I’ve been amplifying the sounds of emerging producers for some time now. We are currently undergoing a transformation to a fresh new imprint named Halcyon. Following the completion of my Saturn Return and the success of my RE:BIRTH album, it felt timely to embark on a new journey with Halcyon, which still intends to uphold the core values of Ear Porn but with a more refined and mature approach. Halcyon aims to provide artists with a platform to showcase their creations, born from pure intentions and hard work. It's all about celebrating authenticity and nurturing talent. I'm truly excited about this new chapter and the incredible music it will bring into the world.

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Moritz Hofbauer - Oneironat (Lauren Mia Remix) [FCKNG SERIOUS]
Kicking off the playlist with an exciting new remix made by me for Moritz Hofbauer's single ‘Oneironaut’ straight off of his debut album ‘In A Blurry World’, released through Boris Brejcha's label FCKING SERIOUS. With my touch and progressive spin on this remix, I created a heady club record that invites listeners into a transcendent journey.
Read the News - Gossip (Original Mix) [HABITAT Records]
Read the News has a special place in my musical journey since Ryder and I first met in New York City during one of my performances with Marino Canal. Their innovative grooves and dynamic rhythms get me moving every time, with "Gossip" being no exception. This track's pulsating drums and clever structure create a captivating atmosphere.
Adriatique, Undercatt - Horizon (Original Mix) [X Recordings]
Adriatique and Undercatt are a force to be reckoned with, delivering an instant mood-enhancer with "Horizon." This powerful collaboration features compelling melodies and grooves that transports listeners to an elevated state, perfectly capturing the spirit of their combined talents.
Trikk - Rigor [Innervisions]
I’ve had my eye on Trikk for a while now! Trikk's unique sound design and arrangements consistently push the boundaries of what's expected. With "Rigor," he seamlessly blends innovation, groove, and a dreamy atmosphere into a sexy, forward-thinking track that keeps listeners enthralled.
Lauren Mia - Frisson [Ear Porn Music]
This track is everything to me. "Frisson" never fails to create a moment on the dance floor. A moment of hope, resonance, and resilience. With these ethereal vocals and pulsating energy. My latest single has been one of my highlight tracks to play for my audiences.
Stereo MC's, Rodriguez Jr. - Turn the Light On (Skala Remix) [Feathers & Bones]
A long-time friend of mine from Berlin to Los Angeles, SKALA never fails to make my heart sing with her music. She’s authentic. Her remix of "Turn the Light On" is a shining example of her authenticity and sound, which I have had the pleasure of watching evolve over the years.
Aalson - Elevation [Sinners]
Aalson is a dear friend and musical soulmate. I'm always captivated by his work, and "Elevation" is no exception. Its soaring melodies and infectious rhythms demonstrate his remarkable ability to elevate listeners to higher states of consciousness.
Lauren Mia - Shadow (Binaryh Remix) [Ear Porn Music]
"Shadow" is the lead single from my debut album RE:BIRTH, portraying the dance between darkness and light through euphoric vocals and electrifying synthesis. My original version has been a “go-to” for me in all of my sets and it always creates a beautiful moment of duality in real-time. Now, Binaryh has remixed "Shadow," infusing it with their distinctive style and adding a captivating new dimension to the track. This remix has quickly become of my favorites to add into sets.
Vomee - Bring It Back
Vomee's "Bring It Back" is a smash hit with its hypnotic disco-infused vocals, driving bassline, and sporadic cowbell hits. When I saw Adriatique play in Tulum, and they played this song, I looked over to my manager and said “this track is a banger."
deadmau5 - Not Exactly (Rebūke Remix) [mau5trap]
Rebūke puts his signature touch on this deadmau5 classic, transforming it into a modern, dance-floor-ready anthem. The remix breathes new life into familiar melodies while retaining the infectious energy that made the original so iconic.
EarthLife - Expander [Poesie Musik]
I've been connected with EarthLife for some time, with this extraordinary duo remixing my earlier release, "Fantasy," in 2019. Their synthesis and storytelling skills shine in "Expander," a track that has captivated dance floors worldwide.
Undercatt - Split [HABITAT Records]
Undercatt's work consistently inspires me, and I’ll let you in on a little secret, a special collab is in the works at the moment! "Split" showcases his knack for blending intricate melodies with inspiring rhythms, creating a compelling sonic landscape that leaves listeners awestruck.
Lauren Mia - Ashes in Paradise (Aalson Remix)
"Ashes in Paradise" is one of my favorite creations to date. The melodies flowed effortlessly in one of my most joyful and fulfilled states of being while in the studio, and this track continues to resonate deeply with listeners due to that very authenticity. Aalson truly elevated my song with his remix, adding a fresh and dynamic perspective to the overall impact of the song.
RTIK - In a State [Ear Porn Music]
RTIK, a live act from Italy and an exceptional producer, has shared his creative genius on my imprint. "In a State" is a testament to his transdimensional and surreal musical style, where rhythmic and enchanting melodies transport listeners to a new dimension. His rhythmic and enchanting tracks deserve to be heard worldwide.
Rhodes, Camelphat - Home (Arabic Piano Remix) [When Stars Align]
I recently connected with Camelphat and truly admire their contributions to the music scene. The Arabic Piano Remix of their track 'Home' with Rhodes beautifully fuses cultural influences, revealing a different dimension of their musical style. Intricate melodies and rhythmic grooves weave together to create a captivating sonic journey that mesmerizes listeners with its global appeal.
Clawz SG - Perennial [Inner Symphony]
Clawz SG has been a role model and mentor to me since I began a decade ago. This song is what made me fall in love with this emotional, cinematic, niche type of melodic techno. Over the years, I've built a strong bond of trust and respect with Clawz SG, whom I can now proudly call a dear friend. He has remixed several of my tracks, and I have a remix coming out for him soon called 'Fortitude.' This song stands as one of the most emotional and beautiful pieces that genuinely brings tears of joy to my eyes, capturing a memory that resonates deeply with any soul as we all journey through this human experience.