Fairplay's Top 10 Tracks From The Jordanian Underground

Fairplay Jordanian Underground
May 28, 2024
Jordanian duo Fairplay celebrates the arrival of their freshly minted Vudu Amman imprint — a label that strives to amplify their country's homegrown electronic sound — with their top 10 tracks from the region's underground scene.

In the vast underground electronic music scene, there are many hidden gems waiting to be unearthed. Over the years, one of our greatest joys has been delving into the depths of Jordan's own scene, discovering an array of exceptional tracks and artists who deserve a spotlight.

As selectors and curators, our journey has led us to uncover a diverse range of tracks, many of which have found their way into our sets and mixes. While a couple of our own creations and selections from our forthcoming compilation find their place in this list, we've made sure to provide a variety that showcases the richness and creativity of Jordan's musical landscape. So, join us on a journey through the Jordanian Underground as we present Fairplay's Top 10 Tracks from the region — a selection that reflects love for our hometown, pushes boundaries and defies expectations. Let's dive in.

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Fairplay - Moj (feat. Keena) [Vudu Amman]
This track, part of the Vudu Amman compilation, holds a special place for us as it marks a collaboration with the Jordanian singer, Keena for her mesmerizing Arabic vocals. It's a proud moment for us to release this on our new label out of Jordan. The track has been resonating well with our audiences, and we're excited about the upcoming remix by Nico Morano.
Roo (JO) - Onfa Nkosi [Vudu Amman]
Roo (JO) is our partner in Vudu Amman. A big up-and-coming producer in the scene, and it is very inspiring to work with like-minded creatives in the scene from the same city. We love the whole vibe on this one and will definitely be playing it out this summer.
Ohm Hourani - Barbara (Villalobos & Javasoul Remix) [We R The Aliens]
Ohm Hourani is a legend in the minimal scene, and seeing Villalobos & Javasoul remix his track is a treat. This track is an underrated gem from Amman, and while we don't often play minimal, this one has been a cheeky favorite over the years.
Fairplay - Warda [DowntempoLove]
This older Fairplay track was a milestone for us as we experimented with incorporating Arabic samples into our music. It came together beautifully, marking it one of our favorite creations. The Arabic influence adds a unique flavor, making it stand out in our repertoire.
Bedouin - Petra [Cercle Records]
Including Bedouin in this list is a must, as they've paved the way for many in the Jordanian scene. "Petra" is one of our favorites by them; it's inspiring to see artists from our region making such impactful music. Their Cercle performance at the Treasury of Petra was truly epic.
Nandu, Radeckt - Aman (feat. Keena) [Out Of Options]
We booked Nandu in 2022. He was one of the first bookings for Vudu. On arrival, he expressed his interest in working with a Jordanian vocalist. Keena was the only person we knew would fit for such a project. She provided a beautiful Arabic vocal for the track and it has since performed so well on the global stage getting support by some of the biggest names in the industry.
SHAMI - Helwa El Bedayat [Vudu Amman]
Shami's track caught our attention with its infectious energy and creativity, earning recognition from big names like Keinemusik. It's impressive to see such young talent making waves in the scene. Keep an eye on him; he's definitely one to watch.
Fairplay - Latlal (Spada Remix) [Zatar Music]
"Latlal" has been one of our biggest tracks in recent years, and its impact has exceeded our expectations. Having Adriatique play it during their monumental Cercle show in Luxor, Egypt, was a major highlight for us.
Tamer Malki - Steel Breeze [Supernature]
This track deserves a special mention for sure. Tamer Malki released this banger almost 10 years ago. It was such a fresh sound at the time and we still play it until now. We have some good memories playing his tunes.
Samer Soltan, Roo (JO) - The Same World (Marcus Worgull Remix) [Sanctuary Music]
We hosted an event at Vudu last year with Samer Soltan and Marcus Worgull. Shortly after, Samer and Roo released a track together. Marcus Worgull's remix adds another layer of depth to an already fantastic track. It's always exciting to see collaborations like these happen within our scene.