Playlist of the Week: Baltra

Baltra Playlist of the Week
May 22, 2024
The Philly-born and NYC-based DJ/producer Baltra commemorates the arrival of his new 'Breathe Deep' EP with a motley and magnificent list of tracks for Beatport's Playlist of the Week.

With my new Breathe Deep EP — which came out via Future Classic on Friday, May 17th — I’ve put together a new chart to celebrate the release. Included are tracks that I’ve been playing in my recent sets, as well as those I’ve found comfort in listening to while travelling, out for a nice walk, or just having a freshly brewed coffee at home.

My intention was to cover a broad range of styles and sounds that influence my creativity in one way or another. With that said, I hope there’s something in here for everyone.

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Baltra - Breathe Deep [Future Classic]
The lead single off my new EP! I tried experimenting with some new sounds to build the energy for this club-focused track. Working the vocal chops into their own rhythmic wordplay was quite a satisfying exercise. And then meshing them with lofty synths and a deep wobbling bass to bring even more life out of them was where I found the track to fully come to fruition.
Nyra - Every Night You [Gudu Records]
Peak-time disco vibes here surely to destroy a lively dance floor. Nyra utilizes the vocal sample in perfect fashion — slowing things down just enough with only snippets which creates breathing room for the euphoric moment when everything comes back in full impact.
Gerry Read - Shampoo [Shall Not Fade]
Bubbly and light, sure to uplift your spirits when you're in need. This track has the type of ear candy that will be stuck in your head for days. Just try not bobbing your head to it. This has daytime party written all over it.
Elkka - Make Me [Ninja Tune]
Great re-interpretation that is an absolute percussive belter. Big grooves and undeniably catchy, elegant melodies (complimented by gorgeous guitar strums) set this one off. I love the contrast of elements pitted against one another here.
K-Lone, Willy D - On The Down Low [Vitamin D Records]
Groovy, infectious, R&B-laden UK Garage tune that pushes all the right buttons. I love the staccato guitar plucks, but the switch up into the M1 bass when the hook kicks in just hits the spot and accentuates all this track has to offer — certified vibes.
DJ Atlance - Kiss Kiss [Dansu Discs]
Fun pitched-up sample and re-work of a classic that brings the original into a whole new euphoric territory. The bouncy bassline and driving house rhythm never allow for this one to lose any steam. Pure enjoyment!
Leonce - Not Here For It [Morph Tracks]
Big club record this one — really love the jittery stabs and arps interplaying with the vocal chops. It is such a bouncy tune; it just seems to keep building in energy, although not linear in nature. Also, just a great choice of snare drum.
Nia Archives - Forbidden Feelingz [HIJINXX]
Catchy D&B with heavenly vocals that float above the great drum programming and massive Reese bass. I appreciate the short intro that sounds like a trip-hop record before it flips into this heavy banger.
DJ Psychiatre - We Make Records [Pont Neuf Records]
Beautifully smooth tune — I really like the choice of sounds here. Very deep and patient, the introduction of new elements is subtle yet precise. The vocal sample is just pure magic.
Fcukers - Bon Bon [Technicolour]
This is a garage-house, pop tune with fun synth programming. The vocals are light and airy, and reminiscent of something you’d hear during the bloghaus era. Couple that with a fun, catchy bassline and you’ve got yourself a proper jam.
Gee Lane, Kamaal - Monkeys (Musclecars Remix) [Toy Tonics]
Gorgeous, rhythmic remix from NYC's musclecars and (vocals from) kamaal. I can’t get enough of the airy synths and lush keys. And that funky baseline — I could dance to this one on repeat for hours.
Bella Boo, Bavé - Later [Studio Barnhus]
Dark, slow burner from the Studio Barnhus staple. The distortion really sets the tone — moody and mysterious. Tremendous use of the phonk-style cowbells that come in over halfway through. Really unique track that ticks all the boxes for me.
Leevisa - Printshop [Perpetual Care]
The lead single off her forthcoming album, Leevisa delivers a perfectly executed, moody pop track with incredible guitar work from Joel Lee. As much of a downtempo banger as there can possibly be. This one makes me feel quite introspective — it’s perfect for a post-party comedown or a long train ride through the countryside.