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May 14, 2024
Fatboy Slim
Celebrating 30 years of his Southern Fried Records imprint and the fresh arrival of its 500th release, dance music icon Fatboy Slim selects some of his label's most essential tunes and ten additional records he loves playing out in 2024 for Beatport's Playlist of the Week.

Many, many years ago I had some tunes I had made that both the record labels I made tracks for passed on because they were too ‘out there.' Instead of scrapping them, my visionary manager, Garry said, ‘why don’t we press them up ourselves?’ that is how Southern Fried Records and The Mighty Dub Katz were born. Pressing 12” singles 1000 at a time and selling them out of a van. I would like to think that it is that maverick spirit and naivety that made the label survive 30 years and 500 releases. Whether it is new friends or stoopid Fat Boy tunes, we are brave enough to take a punt on the wonderful and the weird.

You cannot make an omelette without breaking a few eggs…..

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Fatboy Slim, Dan Diamond, Luca Guerrieri - Role Model [Southern Fried Records]
This tune has been a favourite in my sets since last summer. It’s always nice to road test tunes before releasing them. one of the greater joys of the digital age. I met Dan Diamond through John Acquaviva and he provided the vocals for my collab with Carl Cox ‘Speed Trials On Acid.' He brings his poetry from Detroit and I think you should know it…
Scanty Sandwich – Because Of You (2000)
The perfect way to have a hit... I heard a friend drop a tune into his DJ set and ask if it was unreleased and how we could get the rights to it; I then had this track signed to the label. After we put this out it entered the pop charts, which is an A&R fairy tale.
Kurtis Mantronik – How Did You Know [Southern Fried Records]
The anthem of the big beach boutique, this had to be on my label. Kurtis was a legend to us as a producer, so it was a thrill and a pleasure to work with him on this.
Cagedbaby – Hello There (Radio Slave Remix) [Southern Fried Records]
Tom Gandey was a stalwart of the label and a great personal friend of mine. He is integral to the Southern Fried story and my only regret is that I didn’t manage to make him a household name. His talent and knowledge of music is limitless. Matt Edwards pulled off a timeless mix on this one.
Meg Ward – Check [Southern Fried Records]
A nod to the new young talent on the label’s roster. Meg is one of the new rising talents that will hopefully take Southern Fried into the next decade.
Armand van Helden – I Want Your Soul [Southern Fried Records]
The history of the label would not be complete without a nod to friend and sparring partner, The Witch Doktor himself. After playing his tunes to DJing with him, to signing him, and then the label to taking him to No.1 in the UK charts is an adventure that warmed my soul. Armand helped shape and define the label, sharp cutting edge groundbreaking production mixed with style and humour equals hit records. For the trainspotters, yes, the video for ‘my my my’ was filmed in my house.
Mighty Dub Katz – Just Another Groove [Southern Fried Records]
The Dub Katz was how the label started. When I made records that were too stupid for any other labels to release, my manager Garry and I would just press it up ourselves and sell 12” singles from a van. This was one of those records. No other label would put it out, so we released it ourselves and a record label was born.
Percy Filth – Show Me Your Monkey [Southern Fried Records]
This was the first Southern Fried record that came from our newly appointed A&R department rather than through me, I still remember the joy of Nathan Thursting bringing this round my house and suggesting we pick it up. It had all the qualities we loved… dirty, mischievous, simple and catchy as hell. Still sounds great today.
Red – Release The Pressure (Fatboy Slim Remix) [Southern Fried Records]
There was a time when many Southern Fried releases had an obligatory remix by me, and this sits in that category. I’m still very proud of this mix for pushing the envelope of dirty electro with a catchy hook.
David Penn, OFFAIAH – Satisfied [Toolroom]
Huge track in my DJ sets right now, this sounds like if the Gibson Brothers were too hopped up on stimulants after finishing ‘Cuba’ and stayed up all night in the studio waiting for the TR-909 to be invented. A summer smash for me.
Simioli - Burning Down The House [Cogito Records]
A most effective cover of the Talking Heads classic which retains the funk and edge of the original but with crisp modern production. I had to pinch myself that it wasn’t David Byrne himself. I love the recognition when people recognise the song because it’s always the coolest people who know it.
Poolhaus – Bad Boi [Stress Records]
My feel-good tune which currently bridges into the second chapter of my sets. A sho nuff hands in the air moment when the chords kick in. I don’t know why this tune makes people smile and feel turned on but it does.
Mele – And 1 [Black Book Records]
Simple and devastatingly effective, Mele goes route one to the hook and groove. No messing. I played this at a gym aerobics session recently (don’t ask), and it makes limbs move like they are possessed. Ibiza anthem in the making.
Chloe Caillet & Luke Alessi – 12 Inch Acid [Smiile]
I played some shows with Chloe in Argentina earlier in the year, and she slipped me this, suggesting it was right up my street. And how right she was! It's straight-up 21st-century acid house with soul and depth.
Daniel Steinberg - Albatross [Arms & Legs]
This is a b side that just has warmth and bounce. Slightly reminiscent of ‘French Kiss’ without being derivative. It smoulders and weaves without resorting to any underhand tactics…. so of course I add a few of my own when playing it out by adding a vocal. The sort of tune you can drop any acappella over and it works.
David Morales – Needin’ U [Grand Music]
If you thought we didn’t need any more takes on this tune then think again. The joy of the original is augmented by a stonking beat and all his production tricks and power are evident. New life breathed into a classic.
Matt Guy - Elektronik Organ [Truesoul]
A simple slow builder which just grows and soars. Yes, it is ‘that’ korg organ sound again but it’s like an old friend that’s come back from abroad with lots of duty free gifts.
Saliva Commandos – Skin Walker [Stay Busy Records]
Saliva Commando has had at least one tune in my set for several years. As percussive as he is prolific, a true underground beat maestro always with a Latin feel. This one is a dirty warehouse monster of a tune with the bassline from hell.

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