Playlist of the Week: Enamour

Enamour Playlist of the Week Beatport
May 1, 2024
LA-based DJ/producer Enamour showcases his tantalizing and introspective genre-spanning sound with some sensational track selections for Beatport's Playlist of the Week.

I created this playlist as I was preparing for my open-to-close set in Brooklyn this Friday and thought it would be special to highlight some of my all-time favorite club tracks that still find their way into many sets year after year, especially extended sets where I have more time to play beyond my own music and current favorites.

I create regular Beatport charts and update a Spotify playlist weekly with my favorite new releases, but I rarely touch on the gems from the past 5-10 years that helped define my eclectic sound. So below are some of these gems across the many shades of house and techno I make and play. In addition to having a permanent spot on my USBs, a lot of these tracks have likely influenced my sound as a producer. I hope they can inspire you too and create some amazing moments on the dance floor.

Enamour's Slip Away EP drops on May 3rd via LIFEFORMS Music. Buy it on Beatport.

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Enamour – Slip Away ft. Samanta Liza [LIFEFORMS]
This one just came out and coincidentally still fits the theme — I wrote it in 2021 and have been rinsing it frequently since then, just refining and waiting for the right time to release it. This afro-house-leaning track features my good friend Samanta Liza on vocals and is the first of our collaborations to be released. It’s a personal and emotional record but still lands heavy in the club. I’m really excited about the remix from Tim Engelhardt and Sean Doron too, also featured in the chart.
Alex Niggeman – Black Rose [BackCat]
I absolutely love this track — it’s got an undeniable groove and is a masterclass in clever sampling. The arrangement lends itself well to creativity in the mix too. There’s a certain playfulness that works really well on a dancefloor and has inspired a lot of the silliness in some of my own tracks like my Ergot EP on Get Physical. I remember first hearing this track live almost 8 years ago, dropped by Matthew Dekay at Flash in Washington DC — it flipped a switch in my brain (and the rest of the dance floors’) and had everyone moving.
Enamour – Body Test [Rose Avenue]
What a fun track this one is — one of my bigger recent tracks that demanded by fans and got a ton of support from names I never would’ve expected. It does exactly what it says — a great track for shaking the entire building and slingshotting the crowd from a hypnotic lull to full-on banger territory. I had a lot of fun with the sound design on this one and am happy to see it having a bit of a revival the past couple months.
Trikk – Pandemonio (Club Edit) [Innervisions]
Now this one is crazy. I love everything that Trikk puts out and am consistently impressed by his sound design and creativity. I’ve been mixing this one after “Body Test” in most of my sets, stacking crazy energy on top of crazy energy with great results. It also shakes things up a bit for my fans and those who don’t know how weird and in-your-face I’m willing to get. Best played with caution—if played at the wrong time you might really throw people off.
Dhillon – Intro [Vivrant]
An older one from Jeremy Olander’s darker/techy alias, Dhillon. One of the earlier releases on his label Vivrant, too, which has consistently put out high-quality music since its inception. Every time I play this one, I also silently pray that he revisits this alias more often. This track really slams on the right sound system, with its intricate subby groove. It’s also easy to use as a DJ tool with its simple yet effective arrangement.
serpentwithfeet, Virgil Abloh – Delicate Limbs (Bedouin Remix) [Columbia]
This remix from Bedouin is undeniably sexy and hypnotic. The vocal also pushes it a bit more into commercial territory, which can be useful for certain audiences, but it still imparts a trippy haze across the dance floor. I frequently mix this one with “Intro”; they work well together.
Karim Sahraoui – White Horse [Compost]
I love so much of Karim Sahraoui’s work — always hypnotic, uplifting, and moody. This one is great for keeping a dance floor engaged while providing somewhat of a reset in energy. Can also be pure bliss when played at the right moment to the right crowd. It’s got a beautiful progressive quality to it and is lovely for outdoor sets.
Franky Rizardo – Cinko [Stereo]
I feel like this one really went under the radar, getting tacked onto a long annual compilation. I love a good swirling arpeggio to get people’s minds moving, and this one happens to be over a punchy tribal groove, making it super playable at any time in a set. I love it around sunset though. It’s more melodic and uplifting than a lot of Franky’s other stuff which I think makes it even more special.
M.E.M.O – Tai Tai [Mobilee]
“Tai Tai” hits on that playful, ear-catching quality I look for in promos and convey in my own work. I’ve played this record so many times and it always turns heads and gets the phones out for Shazam. Wildly unique, fun, with a great groove as well. M.E.M.O.’s recent stuff has been great too.
Paul Ursin – Secret Sun [Noir]
Another sexy, hypnotic groove but with sinister undertones. In my sets it often serves as an indication of an incoming run of darker music. I love the hooky bass stabs and the simplicity that forces you to lock into the groove. There’s another older one by Paul called “Shadow” that I still love to play as well.
Cirez D – Raptor [Mouseville]
I feel like I must include something from Eric Prydz here — so many of his tracks just work. This might be my most played from his Cirez D alias and I suppose it’s a lesser known cut from him. Nothing too special but it’s just so, so playable and it works every time. Plenty of room to throw an acapella in there as well to get a crowd excited.
Remcord – Midnight Mystic [REBA]
I’ve been a huge fan of Remcord for quite some time — his music is forward-thinking with complex sound design and interesting rhythms. His sound is so identifiable and unique. “Midnight Mystic” has been in heavy rotation since its release — it has a visceral and commanding quality that dominates a dance floor. It’s a slow burn after the first big moment early on, so everyone knows what they’re in for as the track carefully climbs towards a heavy payoff.
Art Department – Catch You By Surprise (Guy Gerber Remix) [No.19 Music]
A classic, long-form journey. Easy to get lost in this one and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t used it for a bathroom break in an extended set. That said, it’s anything but bathroom-break vibes; full of intense energy, a tantalizing vocal, and thumping low end. This is a true slow burn and it definitely delivers.
Deetron – Mr Smooth [Music Man]
Such a beautiful, uplifting trip here, ahead of its time if you ask me. It’s euphoric without being over the top, groovy too. Love this one towards the end of a set for a magical eyes-closed moment across the crowd, especially since it’s on the faster end of what I’d normally play.
All Is Well – Is It?, Ver 1. [Drumpoet Community]
I can always count on this one when I’m looking to send people’s minds gracefully off into the deep end. It’s a voyage of arpeggios and squeaky melodies that is so vibey and memorable. I think I first heard this towards the end of &ME’s set at Flash in DC in early 2019…those were the good ol’ days.