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Rebekah Beatport Playlist of the Week
Apr 23, 2024
The Birmingham-born techno marvel Rebekah tells us to GO HARD OR GO HARDCORE with some unbridled, fully leaded dance floor selects for Beatport's Playlist of the Week.

Hey Go Harderzzz it’s me Rebekah, I have been slowly evolving over the last years to create a new direction, creating a new concept……GO HARD OR GO HARDCORE m_therf_ckers!

Hard techno has had a massive revival since Covid and the lockdown, the celebration of freedom and health and the energy at which we are now enjoying music is at its highest peak right now. With genres merging and being reimagined I have made a selection of tracks that are not strict hard techno but can add dynamics to your dance floor.

A deep dive in to hardcore has given my sets a new lease of life, I was touching upon this in 2018 playing specific tracks towards the end of my sets but now I have opened up more to the genre as well as searching for interesting hardstyle tracks minus the commercial melodies that take away the darker edge. 

Hopefully this will ignite you to dig deeper for your sets and with the huge amount of music at your fingertips on Beatport you can also find some hidden gems and discover new artists.

The 20-track GO HARD OR GO HARDCORE VOL. 1 compilation album drops on May 10th via Elements Records. Buy it on Beatport.

Check out Rebekah's Playlist of the Week on Beatport
Malke - Lobotomy [No Mercy]
Malke delivers "Labotomy," which I have been playing for the last few months. Every time it drops, the reaction is wild. It has a slight nod to 00's harder minimal but with a raw style and hard techno makeover. It is a great example of hardcore techno and, hopefully, a move in a new direction for harder sounds.
Krista Bourgeois - Riding With Death [Elements Records]
Hardware and modular enthusiast Krista Bourgeois created in my opinion one of her best works for 'Go Hard or Go Hardcore Vol.1.' Industrial hits and scrapes pulsate over a dark rhythm, very excited to see where her explorations of sound design take her next.
STUGATS - Slammajamma [The Meaning Of Raw]
No hard techno set is complete without the addition of some gabber. More refined and hybrid in creation, "Slammajamma" delivers a fun workout that will shift the moodiest of dance floors into ecstasy.
N-Vitral - Crispy Bassdrum (Luminite Remix) [The Third Movement]
A recent find on one of my Beatport digging expeditions and happy to share this nugget, slick production, and boundless energy can be found here, which sits somewhere between hardcore and hard techno.
Lady Maru - Chaotic Vision [Elements Records]
Nobody works harder than Lady Maru. Her dedication to techno, hardcore, and her art always shines through. Chaotic Vision is no exception. An unpredictable arrangement and bright rave synths make this a killer for the dance floor.
Promo - Up Yours (Psyko Punkz Remix) [Promo Test]
Psyko Punkz dropped a new remix of Promo’s "Up Yours," the original sampling of Guru Josh's "Infinity." This epic feel-good hardcore track is definitely one for the heads to reminisce. Pure joy can be found in this one, and I will be playing it for a while to come.
Stoltenhoff - Dance Crew Anthem [Elements Records]
My festival track from last year finally gets its release. It's a massive anthem track with energetic buildups and drops. Get ready for summer 2024!
Dither, Cesqeaux - Detonate [The Third Movement]
Detonate! Massive, huge, epic, bomb of a track. Usually, I’m waiting the whole set for the right time to drop this. Dither and Cesqeaux have created a monster and no hard dance set should be without this one. Solid production, hardstyle kicks and the huge hoover will shake any dance floor. Just make sure you have some cue points set up as three minutes is just not long enough!
H! Dude, Nure - Suicide [DSR Digital]
H! Dude have carved out a niche for themselves within hard techno, creating a dubstep/techno hybrid affectionately named techstep. While hard techno grows more extreme in sound design, with who can outdo one another's pre-drops each week, H! Dude has probably already created it. I'm excited to see where else we can go with a dubstep direction that fits perfectly as an industrial crossover.
Davor, Inoblivion - F_CK WHAT THEY SAY [DSR Digital]
A harder selection can not be complete without this track; rap vocals, reversed bass, and the melody it embodies make for a dynamic that is a welcomed addition within any set against the numerous screeches and sirens that can be found in the commercial side of the scene.

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