Playlist of the Week: Prospa

Prospa POTW 2
Apr 17, 2024
Hailing from Leeds, the soaring UK electronic music duo Prospa prepares for the arrival of their forthcoming 'If You Want My Loving' EP on CircoLoco Records with some alluring rave weapons for Beatport's Playlist of the Week.

Acclaimed UK electronic music duo, Prospa, are known for their unique reimagining of classic dance music that has made them one of dance music’s most exciting acts. Last Friday, the two announced their forthcoming EP, If You Want My Loving, coming out on the esteemed CircoLoco Records imprint later this summer. The announcement was celebrated with the release of the title track that pays a gleeful homage to the euphoria of the ‘90s rave scene.

“As our first release of 2024, this represents a new step in the Prospa sound," the duo explains. "A bassline-focused, raw interpretation of classic dance music with a touch of Chicago House, The Chemical Brothers and Disco drum breaks, all under the roof of Prospa’s production, made for the dance floor in DC10 and beyond.”

The Leeds-born producers joined Beatport this week to share their current favorite tracks to celebrate the arrival of their EP's lead tune and their first release of 2024!

Prospa's new single "If You Want My Loving" is out now via CircoLoco Records. Buy it on Beatport.

Check out Prospa's Playlist of the Week on Beatport
YouANDme – PPPPP (Yotam Avni Remix) [Rhythm Cult]
We’ve been playing this tune out since around January. In love with the use of the Loleatta Holloway sample. It’s recognisable so instantly and gets the crowd going but the track builds in a unique, interesting way. Ticks a lot of boxes for something we love to play out at the moment!
Tim Engelhardt, Maga - Reiki [Scenarios]
Been getting heavily into what’s been going on in the ‘Scenarios’ since around the end of last year. The production quality is top notch and the way this track builds tension is masterful. Fantastic track to play early on as the sun is going down in an outdoor setting. The chords really move you and the percussion takes front and centre during the majority of the drop, that is something we adore.
Emanuel Satie, Maga, Sean Doron - Sleepless [Scenarios]
In the same vein as the last tune, this is another released by Scenarios. This one has a more old-school, deep house-sounding vocal chop that honestly builds up with so much tension you cannot wait to feel the drop kick in. It’s a real crowd-pleaser, and we had to include it in this list. Again, the production is top-notch quality, and you could listen to those rhythmic chords on loop — they are completely infectious.
Romanthony - Bring U Up (Deetron Edit) [Glasgow Underground]
Deetron is a super influential producer to us in an almost unassuming way. We forget how much good music he has out there and how much we have on our USB! I wonder if any touring DJ has a USB without one of his tunes or edits on there. This is no exception. A super cool, sexy vocal. The drums have a deep softness to them that adds to the bouncy groove.
Prospa - If You Want My Loving (Original Mix) [CircoLoco Records]
We can’t not include our new single in here! This song is a turn of the page of sorts for us, a sign of a new era. We hope you love it as much as we do.
Josh Baker - Handle This [You&Me Records]
Josh is a great producer we met with recently. A current favourite of ours, all his music sets the club on fire. He simply knows how to get the crowd pumping. His production style is really unique, and we love the bass sound in this tune. He uses it a fair bit and to great effect. He is a legend, and we are excited to see where he takes everything this year. Some of his unreleased stuff sounds next-level.
Earth Trax - HG [Phonica Recordings]
This is a more downtempo track from Polish producer Earth Trax, which I started listening to during workout sessions. Phonica Records is a staple in the electronic music world, and whilst I don’t know much about this guy, I absolutely adore this tune. It has a hypnotic dubby-ness that is ideal for drifting away while on public transport.
Tal Fussman - Children of 95 [Innervisions]
This track has a crazy melody. It’s what drew us to it originally. Innervisions is an awesome label too. Really love the synths and booming sustained piano over the drop.
Di Chiara Brothers - Connections [Dansu Discs]
The whole EP this tune is from goes crazy. Love the drums from these guys. Awesome melody and a real club pumper. Exactly what’s needed to push the energy when things are feeling dull.
Data Memory Access - Euphoria [Craigie Knowes]
Every production by DMA is top-notch. House music for the heads in the best way. Very trance-like in the sense that it puts you in one…
SG Lewis, DJ Seinfeld - Simple Times [Forever Days]
This one from our bros is an absolute smash! The harmony that comes in around 3 minutes is dreamlike and builds into a real stomper of a drop. Obsessed with the way the chords mesh with the bass and drums when it kicks in. Can hear both of their influences in this. Surely, it will be a big tune in the festivals this summer.
Kettama - Fly Away XTC [Steel City Dance Discs]
We have been friends and collaborators with Kettama for years now and his productions still continue to astound us. For someone who (self-professed) claims to have little music knowledge, he makes some of the most emotional and unique music around. He played this tune to us before its release on the tube and from that moment we knew it would be everywhere. And it has been! Well deserved.
Hard Target - Echoes [Hard Target Records]
This debut outing from Hard Target, a group made from producer Tommy Holohan and production duo Clouds, is a prime example of trance-influenced techno done right! The melody goes crazy. Tommy is also a good friend of ours and introduced us to this release. The synth line is insane and the energy it carries into the drop is perfect for any dark room or large warehouse. The talent of all these guys shines through in this track – watch out for further releases in the future.
Boston Bun - Missing You [Circa '99]
A classic! We couldn’t make this list without including this song. It is such a fantastic chord progression that pulls on the heartstrings in just the right way. It almost reminds us, production-wise, of the ‘YouTube deep house’ era, but there’s something infinitely more unique about this tune. It takes all the best bits of that era and pairs them with incredible drum production and a super-humanised Rhodes loop. The high-pitched vocal completes what was an already perfect song. Love it!