Rinzen Dreams Up His Perfect Sci-Fi Soundtrack in 10 Tracks

Rinzen Sci Fi Soundtrack Beatportal
Apr 10, 2024
Following the release of his debut album 'Bend To The Light,' beloved LA-based DJ/producer Rinzen taps his love of science fiction and selects ten epic house and techno tunes that would work beautifully in a Sci-Fi film.

What is science fiction but a writer’s attempt to build another world? To forecast the future, to suggest a conceptual timeline, to allow one’s imagination to run wild with possibility?

What is techno then, if not a producer’s attempt to build another world through sound?

To me, I’ve always found science fiction and electronic music inherently linked. So much of our music and the history behind it draws direct influence from science fiction. Films like Blade Runner, Star Wars, and The Matrix have inspired entire generations of DJs and producers.

For me personally, I draw immense influence from these things. My mind is a sponge, and a good film or novel can instantly get my creativity going.

Just a couple weeks ago, I was sitting in the theater watching Dune 2 when I had this moving experience. The lights went down, the film began, and I was utterly absorbed in the world of the movie. About 45 minutes in, Hans Zimmer’s “A Time of Quiet Between the Storms” plays and it just totally blew me away. Instantly I had a vision of making my own song inspired by it, with the power of its chord progression and melody, but in a dancefloor format.

In this way, art inspires more art.

At the time of writing this, I’ve just put out my debut album Bend to the Light. It’s a 10-track journey and my attempt at creating a work of sci-fi, albeit in music format. I wanted to create something that captured the scope and beauty of my favorite science fiction works, but felt firmly rooted in house & techno culture. Something that felt cinematic and emotional, yet still dancefloor-friendly. This is Bend to the Light and it’s out now on This Never Happened.

Below, as a thought exercise, you will find ten electronic tracks I love that could easily find their way onto the soundtrack of a science fiction film.

Rinzen's debut album, Bend to the Light, is out now via This Never Happened. Buy it on Beatport.

Check out Rinzen's full 'Sci-Fi Soundtrack' chart on Beatport.
Plastikman - Consumed [Minus]
Starting with a classic here. Richie Hawtin’s entire early catalog would make for a great sci-fi film score, none more so than his Consumed album. The title track, which is over 25 years old and 12 minutes long, is enveloping, futuristic, and sci-fi to the core. It is timeless for a reason.
Rinzen - Astronauta [This Never Happened]
This track is taken from my new album and is built around a Brazilian jazz song called “Astronauta.” I took the original song, ran it through an AI vocal splitter, and then built an entirely new song around it (and cleared the sample). It was my attempt to really push my sound design abilities and create some futuristic, cinematic soundscapes.
Luigi Tozzy - Binary Sunset [Hypnus Records]
Luigi Tozzy’s deep, atmospheric techno lends itself perfectly to sprawling sci-fi and dystopian worlds. This track, which I’m presuming is a nod to Star Wars with its title, is one of my all time favorites.
Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal [Domino]
Just really one of the best techno songs ever written. From the opening melody onwards, it’s just a propulsive, action-filled journey. It’s heavy, hypnotic, and cerebral. This song (if it hasn’t already) is just dying to be used in a sci-fi or dystopian film.
Stephan Bodzin - Strand [Afterlife Records]
Stephan Bodzin looks (and performs) like a mad scientist from a sci fi film. And naturally, his music fits the part as well. So many of his tracks would work for this concept, but “Strand” is my favorite of his, so I’m going with that.
Rinzen - The Pursuit
This is another album track of mine. The song was my attempt to capture the cinematic feeling of a sci fi film, but in a melodic house & techno arrangement. Something that could work in a DJ set, but also felt filmic. Writing it, I pictured it as a high-speed motorbike chase – something out of a Tron-like universe.
Remake - Blade Runner (Maceo Plex Renaissance Remix) [Renaissance Records]
An obvious choice, but it had to be on the list. Maceo’s remix of the Blade Runner theme (more specifically, the “End Titles” theme) is the biggest sci fi techno track of the past decade. It honors Vangelis and his incredible Blade Runner score, which was so ahead of its time and remains a key influence for most contemporary electronic producers.
Rival Consoles - Articulation
Rival Consoles’ music conveys complexity in the most delightful fashion. So many of his tracks lean into futuristic sound design concepts and mind-bending rhythms. “Articulation” is a prime example, offering stuttering synths and gorgeous pad work in classically elegant Rival Consoles fashion.
Sideral - 2109 [Habitat Records]
Sideral is a new name buzzing in the melodic techno world, and for good reason. His tracks offer a fresh, aggressive approach to sound design and have stood out for the ambition of their concepts. Very excited to see what else he creates. “2109” is futuristic yet functional and highly impressive.
Mind Against - Portal [Afterlife Records]
If there were any producers best known for championing futuristic, sound-design-centric house & techno at the moment, it would be Mind Against. Their tracks, and specifically their performances, have always leaned into the dystopic and futuristic. “Portal” is a lesser-known one from them, but it is one of my favorites because of how enveloping and filmic it sounds.

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