The Perfect Psychedelic Playlist in 10 Tracks

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Jun 17, 2020
Iñigo Vontier
Named for his soon-to-be-born daughter, Iñigo Vontier‘s latest album, SIENA, is an ambient trip through psychedelica. Guided by ancient shaman rituals, the Mexican DJ and producer — who regularly releases on Correspondant, Disco Halal, Lumiere Noire, Multi Culti and more — has compiled the perfect psychedelic playlist, in 10 tracks.
Basically I am a big fan of psychedelics and especially shrooms. Here in Mexico, we have ancient cultures that are deeply connected to the use of many different kinds of the “plants of the gods” such as peyote or magic mushrooms. Just the fact of calling them “magic” makes me wanna do it. I guess the first time I tried shrooms I was 20 years old and it was in La Primavera Forest near Guadalajara. Shrooms grow in cow poop during the raining season, Hongosto. After this I think I have been doing it for almost every year as a special ceremony. For the last four years I have been going to San Jose del Pacifico in Oaxaca which is a forest in the mountains covered in magical fog and home to a very special and incredibly spiritual Mexican shroom called Derrumbes. Of course when doing this I have a very peculiar playlist to soundtrack the trip. I’ve been recently naming my own productions genre as Mushroom House as the music I made is full of psychedelia but very danceable as house music. I hope someday we will find this in the Beatport genres.
Psychedelic Playlist
Four Tet – LA Trance [Text Records]
Four Tet’s music is something beautiful, I think he has been a constant in my shroom trips since forever and is always a perfect choice as his productions are full of emotions and can lead you into a very delightful feeling. “LA Trance” is this kind of track that makes you feel good in any moment and works perfectly as a soundtrack for a trip in the forest. With the sweet melody of the lead you can maybe even manage to see the music with colors.
Kalbata feat. Tigris – Satan Speaks! [Fortuna]
The music from tribes and psychedelics have always been connected as the perfect match for a great trip, where tribal percussion loops help to get you into a trance state of mind. If you add a trippy modular arp, you have the perfect recipe for a wild shaman ceremony.
Aphex Twin – #3 [Warp Records]
Of course Aphex is an inspiration for a lot of people, and with his ambient music he definitely nailed it. This full album can be your soundtrack for the trip on repeat and I can guarantee you will have a beautiful day. This song in particular is perfect, a smooth growing loop of sweet melodies.
King Gong – Baozoo Khen [Discrepant]
This song is just perfect to enter into a magical world. If you play it just when you start feeling the jingles in your belly, it will serve as a vehicle to meet some interesting creatures.
Koray Kantarcıoğlu – AC RU 29, PT. 1 [Discrepant]
This track just makes me feel like I’m floating in the clouds in another reality — a celestial-like feeling, where time stopped and nothing runs anymore. I have had some beautiful moments listening to this one; the perfect song to keep in loop while tripping.
Dreems – Milk Beach [Multi Culti]
My man Angus, aka Dreems, is an expert in the psychedelic journey soundtrack and as his name clearly tells us, he takes us to a dreams world. “Milk Beach” is a chilled psychedelic journey perfect to rest in the grass while watching the clouds forming characters in front of your eyes. This complete album “Diamond Bay” is perfect.
The White Screen – Hatzipor Ha Levana [Garzen]
Of course we need some authentic psychedelic music, and this album from The White Screen from Tel Aviv is just amazing. It feels like something you have heard in the past; a nostalgic feeling that makes it out of its time. “Hatzipor” in particular takes your psychedelic trip to the desert, while everything melts around you like quicksand.
Its Own Infinite Flower – Devotion To A Peacock Angel [Squirrels on Film]
Squirrels on Film has some amazing releases under their sleeve and this track is just perfect for a psychedelic voyage. It’s a nice balance between trippy and sweet with very sharp production details. If you think of electronic music made for trips, this should be the standard.
Perkunas – Amnesias [Party Central]
This track can be a bit too harsh for a shroom trip, but if you are an expert level in tripping it will transport you to the Lithuanian Forest of Nida and take you to a very crazy experience. I found “Amnesias” as a unique Mushroom House jam. Perkunas is Von Party & Plot Pilot members aka Simas and Tumosa.
Iñigo Vontier – Sienas Lullaby [Calypso Records]
Of course I had to add my newest album SIENA inspired by my future daughter, to this magical tour of psychedelics. This is my first ambient album and it is perfect to play from track one to 19 and have a magical shroom experience. This track in particular I can play it on repeat for hours and feel inner peace cuddle me. Can’t wait to go to the forest after this pandemic is over and listen to it with my daughter.