Playlist of the Week: Camea

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Jan 5, 2022
Camea .
Berlin-based Neverwhere Records boss Camea shares her favourite warehouse techno tracks for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Thank you Beatport for inviting me for the first Playlist of the Week chart for 2022! I’m grateful and excited to be starting out the year sharing what I love with you: warehouse techno. I’ve been playing it since the late ‘90s in Seattle, then in the underground Brooklyn scene in the early/mid 2000s, and finally in Berlin since 2007.

The thing that I love the most about raw, warehouse-style techno is that it feels like a heart pulsing. This genre of music is about being true to yourself, making no compromises and creating a collective dance experience by layering many different atmospherics over huge kick drums. When the sounds touch my soul in the club, I always know that I am home.

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Camea – Higher Power [Second State]
My first track on the chart is my new track out on Second State this week for their annual SUM compilation. I made this over the summer while being back on my first tour since the pandemic started, and I tried to capture the energy and emotions of what it felt like to be back on stage again.
The Reason Y – Vortex Flow [Neverwhere]
This release came out in November on my label Neverwhere. Frederick Laaser is one of my favourite producers because he perfectly blends the Berlin techno sound with groovy sub-bass, which the dance floor often needs during a banging night.
Alec Ben and Simon J – Excursion – [Phobiq]
I spend a lot of time searching out the perfect peak techno tracks that aren’t overplayed. This track nails the moment with a huge saw bass line and super fat kick.
Sean Moses – Lustful Desires [Gem Records]
I love it when a producer drops in an open hi-hat after the break. It always makes for a good lead-in to start taking the room up a notch early in my sets.
Josh Wink and Truncate – Be Aware [Ovum Recordings]
Wink, Truncate and pitched down vocals. Need I say more?
Mikal Ostin – Trypophobia [Divine Species]
I thrive the most when I’m playing to a dance floor that allows me to push the tempo and drive my mixes. This track is delicately percussive, has beautiful melodies layered in, and a lot of elemental surprises that I love to mix.
Truncate – First Phase (Planetary Assault Systems Remix) [Truncate]
I am a huge Planetary Assault Systems (aka Luke Slater) fan. For me his tracks go straight to the pulse of my heart. This remix of Truncate is raw techno fire.
Larry Cadge – Lost The Way [Second State]
This is another new one from the Second State SUM compilation! There are a lot of interesting and unique synth pieces here that keep the vibe going over bouncy, driving percussion.
Pan-Pot & Thomas Hoffknecht – Crawler [STRGHTx]
I love the electro/techno hybrid sound in this track and it kills in the club. Not all collaborations go well, but this was top and I hope to see more from them.
X-ALOX – Lost In The Sound [Abstraction]
This is one of my secret bombs that I found while in the YouTube Technoverse. It captures the ‘90s tech-trance vibe with a modern edge and good production quality. Great tune to layer some FX over.
FJAAK – Breath [FJAAK]
I am a big fan of FJAAK, their music brings warmth and funk to the club while keeping the techno vibes real. This house track is super awesome to play on the late end, when people start transitioning into the after-hours mood.
Dubfire & Flug – Rampart [DCLTD]
Rampart has one of the strongest and best sounding kicks in my setlists, it completely takes over the room with vibes and gets everyone into the groove. Love this duo.
Spartaque – Your Warehouse [Codex]
‘90s vibes all the way here, it’s a killer and unforgettable tune for either a house or techno set. The synth stabs are epic!