Playlist of the Week: Andrea Oliva

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Jan 12, 2022
Andrea Oliva
Celebrating the third release on his freshly minted All I Need label, Swiss powerhouse Andrea Oliva heads up Beatport’s Playlist of the Week with some of the best tunes that he’s collected on the road.

It’s been a massively busy past six months for me, having recently launched my new Ibiza label All I Need. At the end of last year, I put out its third release, “Transit,” and just now the remix from techno legend Kevin Saunderson.

In celebration of this release, Beatportal asked me to put together a collection of tracks that I’ve been listening to and playing out recently. A mix of these I’ve been listening to on the road, some I’ve played all across my live shows this past year, and others from good DJ friends. There’s plenty to get stuck into, and I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

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Andrea Oliva – Transit (Kevin Saunderson Remix) [All I Need]
I was sitting in the studio after I finished this one and a little voice in my head told me that this would be the perfect original to be remixed by one of my heroes: Kevin Saunderson! My original is very much Detroit-inspired, the only thing is that I am from Basel Switzerland and Kevin gave it a real Detroit touch — very loopy, very hypnotic, and never misses that certain warm groove!
Avision – Real Talk [Ellum]
I’m a fan of Avision’s album and especially of this track, which I’m playing in all of my sets! I like techno records that get a bouncing groove by those funky snares! I can’t wait to play this on big stages, so energetic! I love it.
Deetron – Ego Rave D1 [Running Back]
“Ego Rave D1” is the perfect beat tool to mix into every track that misses a little something in their own mix! It’s raw and powerful, and the party is on once that dominant hi-hat kicks in! It literally makes every track rollin’ more!
The Sharp Boys – I Need [Sharp Digital Recordings]
This is my secret weapon, a powerhouse of a track! You can literally hear the style of production: old school all the way, maybe a lot of sampling going on and it’s done in the coolest way possible. I love the way the vocals repeat, I love the shuffling rhythm, that raw hi-hat loop, and all the small little brakes in the track, which always give it some “hands up” moments when you play it!
Kim Ann Foxman – Magic Magic [Firehouse]
“Magic Magic” is a timeless hypnotic house track with a strong dominant bassline and a synthline, which is not repetitive enough for me and I can’t get it out of my head. It’s simple but so, so effective! I love that track and I play it everywhere!
&ME, Rampa, Adam Port – What You Expected [Keinemusik]
“What You Expected” is another fantastic track on Keinemusik’s album — kinda expected! One of those tracks you can play in any different moment of your set! Great melody!
DJ Gregory – Rhybata [Anemos Dance]
The real king of the ‘afro beats’ is back! Minimalistic house record with a touch of DJ Gregory’s trademark beats! Works in every set of mine!
Jimi Jules – My City Is On Fire [Innervisions]
My longtime friend Jimi Jules just came up with a monster record on Innervisions. “My City Is On Fire” could probably become my track of the year, the whole vocal is a hook, hardly gets out of your head, super catchy synthline, and a sublime groove make it the perfect record. It’s even a singalong! A classy record!
Annweiler – Slight Twist [Full Pupp]
This track is a vibe! I love it and it’s not only in my sets but also on my iTunes with me on every flight, that’s how much I love this track. You need to check it out!
Blake Baxter – Esoteric [suspected]
A Detroit techno tool at its best — you can play it slower or faster than the original and it bangs the shit out of every sound system! I’ll play this track in more house sets and it works perfectly! It has everything that a powerful, cool, and loopy techno record needs!