Playlist of the Week: Themba

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Jan 21, 2022
Themba .
South African powerhouse Themba rolls into the New Year with some of his favourite tracks from Afro house and beyond — including a few he says he wish he’d made — for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

My name is Themba, which means faith, hope or trust. I’m a DJ, producer and lover of life from Johannesburg, South Africa.

It’s not always easy putting together a playlist because I feel like you have to define your taste of music in a couple songs. So ngiyaThemba (I have hope) that you’ve had an amazing year so far and ngine-Themba ukuthi (I have faith that) 2022 will bring all your dreams to reality.

The music in my playlist are some songs and remixes I’ve made, some songs are songs I use to rock a dance floor and others are songs I wish I’d made.

NgiyaThemba (I trust) that you will enjoy the playlist/music and ngiyaThemba (I hope) that I’ll meet you soon on a dance floor somewhere around the world! Much love and happiness.

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Eli & Fur – Walk The Line (Themba Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]
I loved making this remix. My approach to any remix is to listen to the vocal before I hear the music so I’m not influenced by it. I reconstructed the vocal a bit and made it
Joseph Ray, Lakou Mizik – Kite Zo A [Anjunadeep]
This song made Tulum 2022 for me. The vocal and the drums absolutely smash a dance floor. Play it and see if it doesn’t get you moving.
Brenden Praise, Themba – Ashamed (The Martinez Brothers Extended Remix) [Armada Music]
TMB turned this record from a home-listen chill-out song to a dance floor anthem that was heavily supported by Louie Vega, one of my childhood idols
Ivan Afro5, Wesley LS – Tribu [Black Mambo]
To be honest it saddens me that most Afro house sounds the same but there’s something especially about this song that I can’t explain. Every time I hear or play it my energy is elevated.
Gabsy, Moojo – Papa Wemba [Calamar Records]
A perfectly executed, vocal Afro house tack that I wish I’d made. 10/10 in my book.
Themba, Thoko – Reflections (Black Coffee Extended Remix) [Armada Music]
This is one of the special songs for me from my debut album and my friend/brother Black Coffee, who is a tough man to please. He loved it from the get go and offered to remix it without me asking. I was blown away by the request and love the approach and end result.
Nico Stojan – Cardano [Ouie]
The first time I heard this song I listened to it on repeat for a couple hours. The melody and the arrangement makes it one for the top songs for 2022 so far for me.
Vanco – La’Ville [Sondela Recordings]
Vanco, a fellow South African DJ and producer, sent me this late 2021 and I immediately fell in love with it. It’s occupied my sets since I got it.
Bekzin Terris – Unity [MoBlack Records]
“Unity” is what we all need and this one is one of my go to tracks for opening or closing a dance floor.
&ME, Rampa, Adam Port, Keinemusik – What You Expected [Keinemusik]
Any DJ who isn’t a fan of these guys is a liar. The track title is self explanatory and spot on as a follow up for all the songs we love from them.