Playlist of the Week: Ashibah

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Feb 2, 2022
Ashibah .
Danish/Egyptian DJ, producer, and vocalist Ashibah celebrates her new remix for Above & Beyond by sharing some of her favourite new vocal and melodic tracks for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

I recently had the great pleasure of remixing Above & Beyond’s latest single, “Almost Home,” and in celebration of that release, I have gathered some of my favorite tunes — some new tunes I’m digging at the moment and some of my originals.

When you get to know me as an artist, you will find I have two sides that I love to fuse in my tracks, but also in my sets. My energetic house side filled with bouncing beats and uplifting piano sequences, and my heavier, melodic house side filled with emotional, deep vocals, organic grooves, and dreamy chord progressions. I just love a good melody in all its forms! The feeling around a track that sticks with you and resonates through time!

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Groove Armada – My Friend [Zomba Records]
This is one of my favorite tracks of all time. The vocal has been a big reference and source of inspiration for me through the years. It’s a powerful tune and always will be for me.
Ashibah, Dashdot – Make It Better (Bakka & ZAC Remix) [Sony Music Brazil]
This tune was a special one for me. It was one of the first tracks me and my partner wrote together and we connected to it differently and we have seen and heard people sing along to it all over the world. This remix by two of my favorite Brazilian artists, who took the energy to another level. It’s one of my favorite tracks to play in my sets.
Pablo Fierro – Before [WE’RE HERE]
The first time I heard this one I was hooked! The balance of that very energetic vocal and calmness of groove is so well done. I can play and listen to this one anywhere.
Nice7, Lazarusman – Dark Walls [Noir Music]
The drive of this track is intoxicating! I can dance to it for hours (and have). The acid base’s ups and downs entangled with the chanting vocal and sharp beat that carries it is amazing. Love this tune!
Above & Beyond – Almost Home (Ashibah Remix) [Anjunabeats]
This remix was a super fun project and a great pleasure because I have been a fan of Above & Beyond for years. And when I heard the vocal and the original it was a real nostalgic feeling of those good old rave days. I Made about five different versions because a million ideas popped into my head, but I am super happy with the end result. I took a melodic house approach with lots of drama on the drops but still lots of space for the beautiful vocal to shine, and it does.
Dennis Ferrer – Sinfonia Della Notte [Defected Records]
Ever since this track came out I have been playing it through the years. It still works on any dance floor. Its piano sequence mixed with the deep pad progression that keeps rising and rising through the track is an explosion of energy, just like Dennis Ferrer is when you see him play. It’s beautiful to hear and see.
Dennis Horvat – Noise (feat. Lelah) [Afterlife Records]
This one was a fun challenge. I had never written anything to a track of this kind but the instrumental really spoke to me. I started off with the verse and it went well but got stuck for hours with the chorus then my partner walks in and lands the chorus in ten minutes and the track becomes whole and something else. It’s the perfect combo of the two of us and why we write everything together. When Dennis got the vocal he really took the production to another level, and made a track that can be played pretty much on any dancefloor.
Fish Go Deep, Tracey K – The Cure & The Cause (Dennis Ferrer Remix) [Defected Records]
Hands down one of my ultimate favorites! The vocal, the percussion groove, the dramatic pads and stabby violins. It all just works so well!
Kasablanca – Immunity [Anjunabeats]
One of my favorite tunes at the moment, Kasablanca’s track progresses so beautifully. All their elements are so well thought out and match so well. The vocal is so catchy that it sticks in your brain. Huge track from Anjuna here!
Ashibah, Bakka – So High [This Never Happened]
This was the first track released on Lane 8’s label and a milestone for me. I have followed him and loved his work for years and always dreamt of releasing with him, and felt this track was a good match, so was over the moon when I got the email back he felt the same way.