Playlist of the Week: Cassy

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Feb 9, 2022
Cassy .
The dynamic UK DJ/producer Cassy shows off her love for the “world in-between” house and techno with Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

One of the reasons I love DJing: Those certain records that you can play at a certain moment of the night or day. I recorded an all-vinyl mix ahead of my all-vinyl US tour and I reminded myself of why I wanted to be good at mixing records. I love house and techno equally, but I love the world in-between the most. I love sets, moments, clubs, parties where I can take people on a journey in between those two worlds. One of the most significant records in this respect is not available digitally, but I have to mention it: DJ Sneak’s Blue Funk EP on Relief Records. This is the one that inspired me the most to be a DJ in between… Chicago, Detroit and New York are the main centers for this type of groove, mood, tracks, bangers… (I should have added Armando to this list too!! One of THE Chicago dons!!!)

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Robert Armani – Warning [Chi Wax]
Robert Armani on Dance Mania or Djax-Up-Beats is one of my favorites. This track is not only uplifting and a great tool for a DJ, It can be a game-changer track in a set.
Jeff Mills – Automatic [Purpose Maker]
This evergreen hit by Jeff Mills for me is the prime example of fitting in between those two worlds. Some might say it is more techno, but if in doubt pitch it down. It works!
DJ Rush – Act Like U Know [Kne’Deep]
DJ Rush is another in-between two worlds producer. He performs techno mainly, or his tracks fit into techno sets mainly, but to me he really is an anomaly in this sense. Is his music house or is it techno in general? Hard to answer? Is it necessary to answer? To know? I would say no. DJ Rush is DJ Rush, a one of a kind shining star.
DJ Pierre – I’m A Freak (Wildpitch Remix) [Ovum Recordings]
Many of the Wildpitch tracks and remixes we love are on vinyl only. His style of music and his very unique style of house is everlasting — ‘everfloorburning’ —and can work in between or in both worlds. Absolute genius of dance music. Never gets old.
Celeda – Let the Music Use You Up (Angel Moraes Diva Dub) [Star 69 Records]
Angel Moraes means Soundfactory to me and many others. His tracks make you understand what Soundfactory must have sounded and felt like on the dancefloor. Bombastic and trippy, intense in the best way and a bit tougher at times. In between the two worlds. Everlasting groove. Angel gave his life to dance music and the sound of it. I revere, admire and respect him deeply. May he rest in peace. God for sure has blessed his soul and his soul for sure has blessed us.
Baby Ford – One for Sorrow [Background Records]
Baby Ford is one of my favorite producers of all!! Most of his music is found on vinyl only. This track is a good example for his style: deep, driving, bassy, subtle and groovy with a moody, dark edge. Again, in between both worlds. Minimal techno/house. What is it? Does it even need to be named? He is one of my biggest influences. Nothing but love and respect for Peter Ford. He is one of our all-time dons.
Calibre – Good Times [Signature]
What I love about Calibre is that he is not “just” a Drum & Bass producer. I have been buying his music for many years. All styles. I am so happy he releases music that I can play in my sets. He is so incredibly talented. I would love to highly recommend the album this track is on!!
Cassy – Joey [Fabric]
I am mentioning my own track here as I named it “Joey,” a laudation for Joey Beltram and all other producers that have influenced me greatly and are lying in between those two worlds. They are their musical selves in all their power and glory. “Joey” is an expression for my love of being neither here nor there.

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