Playlist of the Week: T. Williams

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Feb 16, 2022
T. Williams
T. Williams celebrates the arrival of his new Tell Me EP with a playlist of his favourite tracks from his North American Tour for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

I’m absolutely honoured to be heading up Beatport’s Playlist of the Week, especially as I have a fresh new EP Tell Me about to be released on the platform this week. Just like most of you, the last two years have been wild and I feel lucky to have been able to tour outside of my home country (London, UK) in 2021. This is exactly the reason why this playlist is special. I have pulled together tracks from artists and music that I’ve either met or been inspired by on my last tour of North America.

If you’re not familiar with myself or my style, I’m a London born and bred DJ/producer who has musically spanned the last two decades, starting out as a grime producer and going on to become a lover of house music and releasing on the legendary NYC label Strictly Rhythm Records.

You’ll find elements of all the styles and influences from the past two decades in this playlist, as in my release history. I’ve included the freshest artist, alongside some legends. This is exactly my style and what you can expect to hear from me in the future!

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K-Hand – Got To Love [Hyperspace]
This track is exactly the kind of techno I really enjoy, it’s got soul. From the first kick drum you know it’s going to rock the dance floor. By the time the vocal hits you’re already lost, deeply in the groove. Thanks to the “black techno matters” Instagram page for putting me onto this incredible artist.
Revivis – We Go [EWax]
Growing up in London I have a strong appreciation for all things breaks and this tack really stood out in this department. Bringing me back to my youth, this feels like a cut I would’ve bought on vinyl and played until my heart’s content in my bedroom. The track is so good because of the way it’s simply put together with the use of refined production skills.
Santiago Salazar – Sucio Beat [Love What You Feel]
Taking me back to my days loving soulful driving house tracks that can really take a crowd on a journey. This one never disappoints. Playing this across all my shows and live streams towards the end of last year really solidified this track as special for me.
Melle Brown – Brown Eyes [Melle Brown]
What a track. I do love the vocals but I have chosen this one for the instrumental. I really love the way the drums are swung and the use of synth and pads to bring a cool atmosphere to this song. Brought to my attention by London’s DJ Aries, this one has been firmly in my sets. I look forward to hearing lots more from this special producer.
Jovonn – Get Together [Body’N Deep]
I’m a sucker for a track with brass instruments. Be it a saxophone, trumpet or horn, and this track really doesn’t disappoint in that department. Purely picked for the improvised brass along with a killer bass melody, Jovonn has most definitely been one of my early inspirations in making house music and he has just gone and inspired me again with this track. Amazing.
Kush Jones – GTB (DJ Swisha Remix) [DJ Swisha]
Meeting both these producers whilst in NYC summer of 2021 proved to be one of the most influential moments of the last two years. I sat in their studio in Brooklyn and watched them masterfully craft ideas from jams all the while laughing and having a good time. It really brought me back to my early days as a young grime producer. This track embodies everything about my time with these guys. Not only is Kush Jones one of the nicest guys in electronic music, he and DJ Swisha really know how to craft a club track. “GTB” is truly special.
Cando – Clutch (Bakongo Remix) [Le Chatroom]
It doesn’t matter if he’s making music under Bakongo or Roska, this guy never misses with the tribal-infused club music. I’ve always got one or two tracks in my playlist from Bakongo and this one is my most-recent favourite. This track really marries the world of techno and UK funky together in a way no other artist can do. Hard hitting and impactful from start to finish. 100% a dance floor filler and a must-have.
Frankie Feliciano, Terry Dexter – No Maybe (Timmy Regisford Mix) [Nervous Records]
Nervous Records have been a staple in my record box since my youth and this track is an extension of that. This Timmy Regisford mix soundtracked my time in North America from playing at DJ Junior Brown’s For Those Who Know at The Bower YEG, to sitting on a beach in Encinitas with good friend Martin B, to performing at CRSSD festival. This song was not only playing in my sets but also in my AirPods.
Highrise – Rescue [Discs of the World]
This track has a strong sense of nostalgia but in a futuristic way. Doing the job, Highrise has delivered on this track exactly what I like about the new wave of UK garage producers. Bumpy, underground and with a nice dollop of bass. You can’t go wrong. I’ve been picking up on this producer’s journey and the releases just seem to just keep getting better and better.
Themba – Ashamed (Martinez Brothers Extended Mix) [Armada Music]
With the dominance of South African house music over the last year or so it was nice to hear a mix that fulfills the 2 places that have influenced my house productions most, NYC and SA. The Martinez Brothers took this vocal and made it their own. The piano and synth chords really deliver a vibe that puts you in a state of trance.
Risa T – No Sleep [Coop Present]
Risa T is an all-around amazing producer who was first brought to my attention by colleague and friend Alex Phountzi. Risa’s productions videos on Instagram have not only been inspiring but also insightful into how the creation of “No Sleep” plus many more have come about. This track is a 2-step, broken beat banger. I featured it in my last Rinse FM radio show and picked it because of the baseline melody that is infectious and inspires true curiosity as the production unfolds.