Playlist of the Week: Kittin

Miss Kitten POTW
Mar 16, 2022
Miss Kittin
Legendary French DJ and producer Kittin digs deep into Beatport’s back catalogues for her Playlist of the Week.

It’s been a long time since I have done a playlist for Beatport, so it’s a great opportunity to share musicians I’ve been dying to play music from in the last months. As you know, I am eclectic, energetic, leftfield and always looking for gems, present or past, futuristic or classics. The art of DJing is about telling a story of emotions in the moment, using skills and imagination, taking risks to combine what may not fit together in order to create that epic roller coaster. Finding these gems is the basis of our homework and takes a lot of time. I hope you will appreciate my homework and discover new talents or re-discover personal anthems, and figure out how I could play them together.

Listen to Miss Kitten’s playlist on Beatport.
Miss Kittin & The Hacker – Ostbahnhof [Nobody’s Bizzness]
My favorite track of our forthcoming third album, for the tension and poetic atmosphere and symbolic of the story, homage to a city and place so crucial for our scene.
Rayme – Ghost of the Jungle [World Nima Records]
My favorite dance floor track so far, from a very talented Moscow producer. The energy feels like riding through the night on a fast horse. The modern rave anthem I am looking for. Can’t get enough of it.
Ryan James Ford – Lost and Found [Dub Recordings]
I love nearly everything from this Canadian producer. If you are into IDM techno or an Aphex Twin fan, it’s impossible not to know him already. The textures and construction of his sound are beyond the world.
Animistic Beliefs – Thief Of Sanity [brokntoys ]
A fantastic young duet from Rotterdam, adventurous, fearless, taking pure electro tradition further. I’ve been waiting for bands like these for a long time and I am glad they carry such modernism in sound making.
Estella Boersma – The Measure [Dance Trax]
A young producer from Berlin, representing the new generation of ravers, digesting the ‘90s breakbeat rave influences she probably never lived at the time, which is what is so thrilling right now.
Kerrie – No Imitation [Dark Machine Funk]
Here is an underrated Irish-born, Manchester-based producer. This is techno with industrial minimalism at its best. Go and check her productions.
TAFKAMP – 50 Dollars Amore [Revenge Techniques]
Banging techno with old school flavor, here sampling the famous House of God classic. It’s his trademark and I love it. It’s very efficient, smart, dirty and fun.
Paris The Black FU, The Exaltics – Wea Poni Zedin Form Action [20/20 Vision]
The Exaltics is for me THE electro producer of today. Teaming up with legend Paris the Black Fu is the ultimate winning game. Fast and furious. Classic.
Ural 13 Diktators – Down With Mental Groove [Mental Groove]
One of my absolute timeless anthems, from a forgotten legendary obscure band from Finland. Back then every release was a hit. You can hear the over-saturated mixing sound makes it very up-to-date still. We want them back!
Aphex Twin – P-string Peel Session [Warp]
Impossible not to have him on a playlist, neither Warp. Glad that Peel Session was released digitally, only available on vinyl before. With that characteristic massive reverb kick everybody is copying right now. And the strings on top make my heart melt.
Underground Resistance – Communications Silence [Underground Resistance]
One of the ultimate acid techno tracks, made by the most legendary techno masters of all time for me. Many acid techno is done right now, go for an original like this one, and please continue to spread the spirit of Detroit. More than ever.
DJ Rush – Whip Raff [Trax Records]
One of my favorite Chicago songs ever, also a marker of one of the happiest times of my life in Geneva in the late ‘90s when Rush stayed at our house. Fills me with joy. Always in my box.
Church of Extacy – Devil Beats (Who Is Jesus Mix) [Dataflow]
A gem from my first rave years when I wasn’t DJing yet, hitchhiking to raves and listening to tapes from Belgium. Finding digital versions of these tunes is a major quest.
Detroit’s Filthiest – Scared 2 Death [Bass Agenda Recordings]
Ghettotech pioneer DJ Nasty, alongside DJ Godfather, was always part of my sets. Interesting to hear how they evolve, check their early and late releases.
Etapp Kyle – Polar [Ostgut Ton]
He is one of my favorite DJs from Ukraine. His way of thinking, seeing, feeling music is peculiar, almost fascinating, he can play everything. But I am glad he defends electronica so well as a producer. Ostgut Ton understood that from the beginning.
Blake Baxter – Where Were You [suspected]
We all know him and we all need a heartbreaking classic house song. But this is new, and I haven’t find such a touching house track in a long time.
Hot Since 82, Miss Kittin – Naboo (Nick Curly & Jansons Remix) [Knee Deep in Sound]
I don’t naturally play my own work, but I do love that massive groovy remix very much. Played slow or fast, it changes completely the mood, which is a freedom I am having fun exploring. Do you also use speed to influence a vibe?
Electronome – Een Drumcomputer & Een Synthesizer [Viewlexx ]
Those who know me well know it’s my favorite badass electro tune, nearly a trademark of my sets. I had 2 vinyl copies and recorded it on CD then digital for my own use. Released in 95, it’s finally available in proper digital quality, thanks to Viewlexx.
Aloka – Chroma [Typeless Records]
A perfect example of today’s IDM, electro, bass. I need left field break tracks to create an illusion of time suspension and suspense before what’s next, helped by the hybrid aesthetic these young producers find with actual technology.
Caramel Chameleon – Dronacid (Phaseinterlude Mix) [030303 Recordings]
Had to finish with IDM again, an Italian producer, clearly influenced by Aphex (who isn’t). But the interest of such a track is, you can play it in a techno set or an ambient electronica set. Always attracted to versatility and duality in music.