Playlist of the Week: Nora En Pure

Nora En Pure Beatport
Mar 30, 2022
Nora En Pure
Switzerland’s melodic deep house muse Nora En Pure transports us to that golden hour on the dance floor with some of her best set selections for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Off the back of an amazing Miami Music Week, I am pleased to put together Beatportal’s Playlist of the Week surrounding my latest track “Tribe Of Kindness,” which is out now on Enormous Tunes.

With this playlist, I have gathered some of my favourite tracks of the moment, including some releases that have come out on my imprint, Purified Records. I have selected some tracks that have been working really well in my recent sets, and some of my own tracks that truly encapsulate my sound. I hope this playlist transports you to that golden hour, no matter where you are listening from and can spread some positivity and light in sonic form.

Check out Nora En Pure’s playlist on Beatport.
Passenger 10 – Halifax [Enormous Tunes]
This track is another genius creation of Passenger 10 in my opinion. The way it plays with moods is incredible. In one track, it does what I usually try to take my listeners through in an entire set. From very stern and fierce moods, it takes you on an uplifting and danceable ride. I loved this track since I first heard it and will play it in many sets to come.
Dom Dolla, Mansionair – Strangers (Nora En Pure Remix) [Sweat It Out]
I first heard the original of this track and really loved the vocal, also the funky bassline. When I was asked to remix it, I tried two approaches, either to keep the playful bassline in and leave the track in the house realm or give it my more typical spin with a more progressive forward & crisp kick and bassline combination. Of course, I ended up at the latter option as it’s more in my current comfort zone and I feel it’s now a very powerful yet melodic and fun track.
Oliver Schories – Devon (Oliver Huntemann Remix) [Ritter Butzke Records]
Oliver Schories’ works are always on my radar. I love his particular style and sound, and while I play quite a few of his originals in my radio shows, the Oliver Huntemann spin on Devon has that insane fun energy that always sets the crowd on fire, wherever and whenever I play this track live. Besides the tension-building elements and the highly attention-demanding drop, the beat programming makes this such a danceable track. There’s no way you won’t move to it!
Daniel Portman – Ally Of The Good [Enormous Tunes]
I play a lot of the melodic releases of Daniel Portman in my sets. This new one has a beautiful balance of melancholic and hopeful feelings and creates a beautiful moment in the set. It is a deeper one that will be stuck in your mind after you have heard it. I love to play this one, especially during sunset sessions.
Nora En Pure – Tribe Of Kindness [Enormous Tunes]
This is my newest track, encapsulating the essence of Nora En Pure in sound, emotion and meaning behind the track. While I often try to venture out and develop my sound, this goes a little bit back to the roots of the Nora En Pure style. It’s one of these very emotional records, that – if you give yourself truly to the record – will strip off your guard, leave you completely vulnerable and then make you feel like everything is going to be okay. The message or thought behind the track was just something I feel is so needed in today’s world, where we have almost lost the human connection to each other and forgotten what the true power of mankind is and should be. It’s hard for me to not be emotional with this topic and the track, I usually pull myself together and play it as a closing track.
Tinlicker – Just To Hear You Say [Anjunadeep]
Tinlicker’s output is a constant stream of stand-out tracks. I would say they are probably one of the best-fitting sounds to mine out there. They are uplifting, energetic still have a nice edge and forward-thinking sound. In almost every set of mine, there’s some track of theirs and I chose this one as it is one of their newer ones and perfect for summer. A true feel-good track and while it’s so chilled, it always manages to keep the crowd engaged and moving.
Joris Voorn – The Navigator [Spectrum (NL)]
A super ravey track that only makes it into my more upbeat and festival-like sets, usually towards the end somewhere. But wow, every time I played this track in the last few months the crowd goes wild. It sends you straight into space, with such brilliant energy. Needless to say, Joris Voorn is also one of my go-to producers and DJs that keep on inspiring me.
Miss Melera – Violet [Purified Records]
I have known Kim (aka Miss Melera) since quite a few years back when we played the same events in Amsterdam. I always appreciated her for her humbleness, her passion for the work, and her music. She would never make it about herself, her persona, or be distracted by “the politics” of the music industry, by brands, by image etc. Instead, she truly puts the music first. It was a pleasure to have her on my label with such a cool track like Violet. It has this old-school vibe to it and made it into many of my longer sets.
Troste – Vaia [PinkStar Black]
This is a bit of an older track I included in this selection. From the drum programming, this dances a little bit outside of my usual sound, which makes it even more fun to play. I love to switch my sets up here and there, to take you on an unexpected ride. This one was a big track for me, especially in the years before the pandemic. A huge attention-seeking break that always causes the crowds to go crazy, especially at festivals. Holding great memories with this one and will definitely revisit this track every now and then.

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