Playlist of the Week: Alok

Beatport Alok
May 25, 2022
Brazilian dance floor dynamo Alok gives us a taste of his high-powered “future-tech” sound via Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Most of my recent single releases and remixes have been sitting on the sonic intersection of pop and house music, and this is what comes to people’s minds when they think of the sound behind the name Alok.

Since I’m trying to draw my inspiration from as many sources as possible, my musical preferences constantly evolve, so for the forthcoming festival season I wanted to prepare something unique that I haven’t tried before. “Future-tech” is my new sonic direction, which is a fusion of tech-house vibes with signature sounds and elements of future rave.

Below’s playlist is a perfect reflection of what I’ll be showcasing this Summer on various tours across the world, including my three-month residency at Hï Ibiza, kicking off on July 4th, and my new single “The Club Is Jumpin’” is a prime example of what “future-tech” is about. I hope you’ll enjoy it as well as the selection of 10 tracks I prepared for you.

Check out Alok’s Playlist of the Week on Beatport.
Alok – The Club Is Jumpin’ [CONTROVERSIA]
This is my latest release, for which I went into a new musical direction. After I had finished the first version, I was actually a bit nervous to see the crowd’s reactions as they wouldn’t really expect this from me. However, the feedback has been incredible for this one at each one of my shows. The Club Is Jumpin’ includes a sample from Destiny’s Child hit “Jumpin’ Jumpin’,” which is a song I’ve known since my childhood and always wanted to do some work on it. I am thankful that Beyoncé and her team approved my version for an official release. I’m looking forward to playing “The Club Is Jumpin'” during my US tour.
James Hype, Miggy Dela Rosa – Ferrari [The Cross]
Such a smash. For me, it’s a proper summer tune. I know it’s growing in a lot of territories across the globe, and I’m very happy about that. I am sure we’ll hear this one a lot more in the summer, and I can’t wait to drop it in Ibiza during my Summer residency as well!
Richard Grey – Don’t Stop The Music [G*High]
Great rework of a classic! I played this one for the first time during my debut performance at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas back in the day. I love the groove! It’s an instant dancefloor filler.
Ownboss, Sevek – Move Your Body [Musical Freedom]
This track works in every club. And it’s a Brazilian song! I’m very proud of the fact that more and more DJs and producers from Brazil are being discovered and recognized on the worldwide stage. Ownboss and Sevek are very talented, so it definitely didn’t feel like a surprise that this record is currently blowing up.
The Blessed Madonna, Fred Again.. – Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing) [Atlantic Records UK]
This is the anthem of the lockdown. It is such a refreshing tune. For me, it could have become a much bigger record than it eventually became. I think it’s revolutionary. I still play it nearly every day whenever I train in the gym or on any other possible occasion. It will always be a song that reminds me of the hard times of the pandemic, though. Long story short: It’s an anthem.
Lilly Palmer – We Control [Drumcode]
I have dropped this one during one of my EDC sets – and the crowd went nuts. Not a lot of people would have expected me to play a record from Drumcode, but I felt I needed to drop with something special in the end, and “We Control” just ticked all the boxes!
Alok, Bhaskar – Fuego [Spinnin’ Records]
This one so far has received the biggest support from top artists, and I still play it in most of my sets. It’s definitely a special record for me that I’m proud of since I created it with my twin brother Bhaskar.
Massano – The Feeling (2022 Remaster) [Afterlife Records]
Also, I played this one during one of my EDC sets. It’s like the new “ping pong” record. Such cool energy and the song definitely doesn’t need a vocal. I will continue to play it in many of my coming shows across the US.
Space Motion – Twisted Voice [Space Motion Records]
Feels like the classic “Pleasurekraft – Tarantula” vibes, for which I also made a remix back in the days. Great vibe, a real killer on the dance floor.
Alok, Vintage Culture – Domino (feat. Oxia) [CONTROVERSIA]
I had so much fun creating this one alongside Vintage Culture, which is a rework of an iconic dance anthem. I am currently also playing a version with vocals from ZHU’s “Faded.” But I have definitely played this record also as an instrumental, mostly at the end of my sets.