Playlist of the Week: Just Her

Just Her Beatport
Jun 15, 2022
Just Her
UK artist Just Her celebrates Pride 2022 with a stirring and euphoric selection of tunes for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Here I’ve tried to pick 10 tracks that are a reflection of my sound at the moment — what I’m playing in my sets and the artists and labels I’m really digging right now, as well as a couple of cheeky bits of mine and something from my own record label too. I’ve tried to stay current with this rather than go for the classics, so that it provides a true reflection of current times and conveys the emotions I’m feeling in this post-pandemic industry landscape, with a new baby that I’ve welcomed along the way!

For me, genre is less important, but what matters is the feelings and emotions within the music, creating those moments of euphoria, connection or contemplation, either on the dance floor, at home, or wherever you choose to listen. I hope you are digging these as much as me.

Check out Just Her’s Playlist of the Week on Beatport.
Just Her – Golden Hour [He.She.They]
This is part of my latest release on the amazing He.She.They imprint, which I’m so happy to be a part of, as everything they stand for aligns so perfectly with my values. This EP is also a very special one, as it was created around (and inspired by) the birth of our new baby. This track in particular was written about that first magical hour we spent together after the birth and is one of the most personal tracks I’ve ever made.
Lau.ra – Chengdu [Needwant]
I first discovered Lau.ra as a vocalist but then realised that her music is incredible too. She is also a fellow working music mama with a young baby, which I obviously fully understand and respect in terms of the challenges and sleep deprivation! This is a beautiful track of hers, from one of my favourite labels. Gorgeous melodies and chunky beats — what more could you want!?
Onur Ozman – Out Of Distance (Jozef K’s Dreaming Forever Mix) [Constant Circles]
This is a favourite release of mine from my own label Constant Circles and was also the first vinyl release we did, which made it even more special. The original tracks from Onur were awesome, but then I also loved the dreamy direction that Jozef K took. He’s an artist that I really respect so I was super stoked to have him on the label. There is also a cheeky remix from me on this EP if you check out the whole release.
Lis Sarocca – Blue Desert [Mobilee]
I love everything that Lis Sarocca makes, but this track especially has been a (not so) secret weapon in my sets over the last year or so. It’s especially great for those outdoor festival moments, thanks to its uplifting piano house vibes. It was also released on Mobilee, which is a long-time favourite label of mine with an eclectic music policy and an incredible roster of artists.
Just Her, Nolan – Blue Sky [Rennaissance]
Produced in collaboration with my fellow Brightonian Nolan, I gave this track its first ever play as a rough demo at Anjunadeep Open Air in London last year and the incredible crowd reaction told me it was going to be a big one. It then got a release on Renaissance and has been massive in my sets ever since. I get such a buzz from playing it and it’s amazing to be part of such a renowned label too.
Bonobo – Age Of Phase [Ninja Tune]
I can rarely make a playlist without featuring Bonobo, he’s probably my all time favourite artist. I’ve been to see him live at every opportunity for the last 12 years and I feel that the material and live shows keep getting better and better, with the latest album being his best work yet, in my opinion. I saw him on this tour in my home town of Brighton — the atmosphere in the room was electric and when he dropped this tune it was a real goosebump moment.
Third Son – Your Face As Art [Shall Not Fade]
I’ve known Joe since he first started the Third Son project (as at the time we were part of the same booking agency), and I’ve watched him evolve and grow into one of the most exciting artists of the moment with a totally unique sound. I’m also a huge fan of Shall Not Fade as a label and the whole Third Son EP was fire, but this track in particular is literally everything I want from a piece of music on the dance floor. Epic.
Just Her – On The Low (Joyce Muniz Remix) [Selador]
Joyce Muniz is an amazing artist so I was super happy that she agreed to rework one of my older tracks on Selador. She managed to breathe new life into the tune and give it an incredible new dynamic aimed squarely at the dance floor. This one has just dropped on vinyl too.
Jamiie – Mussoya [Monaberry]
When it comes to proper melodic dance floor pumpers with a hint of Afro house, then Jamiie is the producer of the moment. This track on Monaberry has been featuring a lot in my recent sets and I just love the vibe of the vocal, which reminds me of many amazing visits to South Africa, as I’ve been lucky enough to tour there regularly. There is something truly emotional about afro melodies and vocals and Jamiie has nailed that with this track.
Just Her – Depend On Your Love [Anjunadeep]
Part of the incredible Anjunadeep 13 album alongside some amazing artists, as well as being the lead track on my recent EP, I’m really proud of this one in terms of the emotions and the atmosphere that I was trying to convey. I know I had that rare moment in the studio with this one, especially in the final section when the strings come in, where I sat back and actually thought, ‘wow’ — which hardly ever happens as I’m my own worst critic most of the time! So hopefully there is a bit of a goosebump vibe in there for people when they really listen deeply.