Playlist of the Week: Klaudia Gawlas

Klaudia Gawlas Beatport
Aug 17, 2022
Klaudia Gawlas
The established German DJ/producer Klaudia Gawlas showcases her tough-as-nails techno sound for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

I am so happy to be part of Beatport’s Playlist of The Week. I am a DJ and Producer from Germany. I actually started out learning to DJ in the US with the help of some hip-hop producers, but it was techno that was always my true love. I don’t think I have ever played anything else other than techno music, although I love all genres. I got hooked many years ago when I was listening to a Jeff Mills tape at the age of 13. That is still a pivotal moment in my career and always will be.

The tracks I have chosen for you in this playlist are those that make me move. Here, I have included some new releases from myself along with some classic tracks that just never get told and will always be an inspiration to me.

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Klaudia Gawlas, Gary Beck – Treasure [Bek Audio]
This is one of my new tracks with Gary Beck. We were sitting in the studio during the pandemic and produced this one. The bouncy bass is the leading part of this track. It is so energetic that it sets the dance floor on fire, and the drums support this energetic feeling.
Yves Deruyter – A Story About House [Bonzai Classics]
I am so in love with this track. It is from the ’90s, and I grew up with this music. The melody in the break is so catchy, and I love female vocals. When the synth sound comes in at the break, it sounds so amazing, and it is just mind-blowing for me.
Bastet – Behind The Life [Codex Recordings]
This track has an amazing build-up. At the beginning of the tune, you get an outlook about the later drop, with its amazing acid sound. Then the melody comes in and gets more and more intense. I love this melody so much, and the drop is fantastic.
Jens Lissat , Bonzai All Stars – The Machine [Bonzai Classics]
Bouncy bassline, very snappy drums, and a very cool and catchy arpeggiator. The aggressive lead sound in the drop is so great.
Klaudia Gawlas, Gary Beck – Partenza [Bek Audio]
This track that I made with Gary also has this excellent bouncing bass. The noisy sound effects and driving drums keep the floor on the right level. It releases some power on the floor.
Klaudia Gawlas, Gary Beck – Sakura [Bek Audio]
The atmosphere on the track carries you to another world. The pads and atmospheric sound in the background let me fly while hearing the track. It builds up very subliminal but very effective. I love to play this one.
Rephate – 66 [WarinD Rec]
When hearing this track, you automatically have to dance. The driving bassline is very pushy, and the supersaw lead makes the tune drive straightforward.
Yves Deruyter – Back to Earth [Bonzai Classics]
This track is a classic. I have so many nice memories with the sounds of this break. The bleep sound leads you right into the break, where it ensures the tension until the drop lead and the kick come in again.
Marco Ginelli, Mzperx – OMG (Schiere Remix) [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
There are so many amazing effects sound in this track that I love. For me, it feels like this track is just rolling and rolling. It’s energetic and powerful.
Slam – Bulgar [Soma Records]
I am such a fan of Slam. This one is a bit different, but the vocal is just great. I love how it slowly comes in and how it helps to build up so great. I always have an eye on tracks with vocals. It’s a good atmosphere.
Push, Joyhauser – Choir Of Spirits [Filth on Acid]
The vocal in the background is so amazing. I love this track because the melody in the break, with its shiny and plucky lead sound, brings me to another level.
Charlotte de Witte – Kail [KNTXT]
This one has a very tight driving bassline. The acid sound supports the build-up in such an impressive way. The vocal guides you through to the drop beautifully. It’s very modern and just on point. I Love it!
A.D.H.S – Raveline [Electric Ballroom]
This track by A.D.H.S. has a very great arpeggiator. I love the changes in the harmonics of the melody. The drums are basic but very effective, and the whole track pushes you on the right level.
Axel Karakasis – Timelapse [Planet Rhythm]
Alex Karakasis is always a good choice. The track is very groovy with its amazing rhythmic synth sound, which fades in with remarkable subtlety. The drums are snappy and support the groove perfectly. I also love the pad sound in the background, which beautifully enhances the build-up.
UDUBB – Don ́t Sleep [DSR Digital]
The bass drum in this track is so hefty, saturated, and energetic that it sets the floor on fire. The monotone vocal sets me in a meditation, and the evolving acid sounds build the song up very effectively.
Sikztah – Furyan [Mad Made]
I love the melodic sound in this one so much. It plays just four tones, but the sound design is very catchy. Some sound effects in this song are so organic, while others sound very artificial. It has just a top-notch vibe.
Andreo – Cavraex [PRAVVE]
The shakers in the background, the heavy bass drum, and the awesome rumble make this track so energetic. In addition, the lead sound plays a great melody making this song unique.
T78, Greenjack – xTc [Codex Recordings]
The rumble of the bass drum in this track is groovy at the very start. The lead sound rises and evolves organically until it stops at the beginning of the break. The supersaw lead sound in the drop is like an explosion of feelings.
Disfreq – Essa Mina [Diynamic]
This track is just great for me. I love the vocals, the bassline with its killer rhythm, and the acid sound that comes in while the tune builds up.
Kai Tracid – Rave the Planet (Klaudia Gawlas Remix) [RaveThePlanet]
I was so happy to remix this original tune from the legendary Kai Tracid. And seeing as it was also for “Rave the Planet,” it was a big honor to play this remix during Berlin’s new Parade. I just love the break. I hope this one makes you also dance!