Playlist of the Week: Pilo

Beatport Pilo
Aug 24, 2022
Pilo .
The Los Angeles underground’s cutting-edge noise architect Pilo serves up some electrifying dance floor rippers for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Howdy, this is Pilo. I am a Producer/DJ/Texture Daddy out of Los Angeles. I love to chop breaks, weave soundscapes/textures, and synthesize dancefloor rippers. Here is a selection of tracks that have been in constant rotation either in my personal listening time or in my top picks for sets as of late. This is a wide range of music I find truly inspiring. I have featured many close friends and artists I hold dear to my sound. I hope you find as much enjoyment from these tracks as I did.

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Baseck, Aura T-09 – Westcoast, Pt.1 [EVAR]
Baseck is family to me and Aura T-09 is a good friend who I’ve fortunately gotten to know really well over the years. This record fully represents the true Westcoast scene, mayhem breaks with the classic sound. It is such an infusion and done so well. I’ve heard people trying to emulate this sound but get not even close. EVAR Records is a prolific label in the making, and I’m grateful to know such incredible artists so closely.
Pilo – That Type [Gyration Station]
This was the first beat I ever made fully live. When I was asked to do a live show for my friend Maude and Tiffany’s Delusional Records label, I challenged myself to do a hybrid set where I DJ music from myself and perform a few songs live. The final track was this 160 bpm tune I wanted to make that was fun. That is when ‘That Type’ came to, and it really catapulted me to experiment more with live chopping.
RHR – Mente e Drama [Tijolo Records]
RHR is a mega-talent from Brazil. Not only a masterful deck shredder but a ripping producer as well. I recently discovered this track through his Instagram page and fell in love with it. Felt the need to shove this one in the limelight and show what has been inspiring me as of late. Hyper Energetic sequencing over a cooling electro beat. Great track
Danny Daze, Jonny From Space – GT (Day Mode) [Omnidisc]
I’ve been visiting Miami for the past couple of years to play shows and write music with some of the artists. It is such a rich and unique scene where the artists are so intertwined with each other in the community that the support for these artists is immeasurable. Other scenes should take notes, to be honest. I’ve found immense inspiration from these peeps as others should as well. Love this record from Danny & Jonny — techno that is transcendent and full of life. I don’t think I’ve said this yet, but Danny Daze and I have a record coming out on his label Omnidisc. Really excited about that one.
Aeorta – Air in Motion [Motor Reflex]
This is a project from me and Dean Grenier. Such a special record where Dean and I started to sync while writing. Aeorta combines our wild vast of influences in either a more experimental nature to banging ethereal heaters. We wrote this while I was living in Berlin with Dean, and having it on my label ‘Motor Reflex’ makes it such a special tune to me.
Troy Kurtz – Acid Rain [OPENERS]
My dawg, Troy Kurtz. I’ve known this human being for such a long time. From the early ages of my raving life to the present, but it has only been the past two years where we really started to strengthen our friendship, which is wonderful. He is such a tastemaker/DJ and an incredible producer all sown up into one individual, and this track shows it clearly. Expect a lot more from this homie in the coming years.
Ryan James Ford – Honeyhole (Stingray 818 Remix) [DUB Recordings]
Beauty in the expansion of a micro-cell. Stingray is such a maestro with his productions and seems to naturally keep leveling up on everything. This remix brings such a beauty through scientific concepts, which can easily be seen as tacky, but not to Stingray. He does it so effortlessly.
Alec Empire – Bass Terror [Eat Your Heart Out]
Alec Empire’s break core legacy is so prolific. I really started to dive deep into his discography these past two years. Bass Terror is one of my favorite tracks of his. This is pure break core madness with incredible switch-ups. Every time I play this track, it brings me such joy. The chops are infuriatingly good. This one will never leave my sight.
OKZharp, Mathne Ribane – Maybe This [Hyperdub]
This tune makes me go nuts. It is such a rude one. I remember I was record digging, and this popped on. Still, years later, I’m infatuated with it, and it has yet to produce any fatigue on my ears. I always love playing this one out and seeing people react to it. OKZharp is an artist I hope to work with someday, but if it doesn’t happen, that is totally fine. As long as she keeps sharing with the world, I’m quite content with that!
Aleckxis Jaina – They Call Me [Sect Records]
I remember right around Blawan’s emergence with his Boiler room and the infamous “Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?”, this track started to surface in the world. Actually, Harvard Bass put this track on once when we were working together, and I was so hooked. Such a classic Detroit sound to it. I recently rediscovered it and got possessed with bliss every time I play it. CLASSIC!