Playlist of the Week: Terr

Terr Clash Lion
Sept 28, 2022
Terr .
Brazilian artist and Phantasy favorite Terr brings us a bright and broad selection of tunes for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

I’ve been playing a lot recently, from small venues to big festivals. Every set has a unique approach, I like to feel the vibe of the people before I start playing, so I can do the best for them. My mission is always to create an unforgettable experience for me and the audience. As in my producer career, I never stick too much to a particular genre or sound. I’ve been playing house, techno, indie dance, new disco, old disco, dark disco, EBM, and everything else. I think that is the right track for the moment. The only genre I care about is “good music” — if it’s good, let’s give it a go and see what happens!

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Terr – Only for Tonight [Phantasy]
My new baby. I love this track. It’s so full of life and energy. Usually, it takes some time for me to create and finish a song, but this time it was like lightning — all the ideas just came, one by one. All I needed to do was to sit down and sequence it. I’ve been playing it a lot, and people seem to enjoy it very much!
Bryan Kessler – Team Closing [Do the Taboo]
Great track, danceable yet a bit claustrophobic. It has an element that is always rising and rising, generating endless tension.
no_ip – Nobody (Kino Todo Remix) [Clash Lion]
Our latest release on my Clash Lion label. I love the whole EP, and no_ip is a very talented producer. The remix put some summerish vibes on the original one, that’s dark and more mental.
Psybody – 2S+ (Cromby’s Snake Remix) [Psychicbody]
A killer acid track like this will always have some space on my sets. Everybody needs a 303, right?
Jordan Nocturne – Turn It Out [Correspondant]
I always loved Italo and space disco. It sounds like the past simultaneously, and it is the music of the future! If someday the robots take over the earth and want to have a great party, they will need some electronic disco on it.
Daniel Watts – Opiate [Clash Lion]
Great track. It would be a Beatport #1 if it was released on Mars.
Opus Klien – Monsters (Hammer Remix) [Remmah]
I love how this tune develops. It’s so complex and yet so simple simultaneously, full of layers and secrets. I love tracks like this, creative music that doesn’t sound like this or that genre.
Gabe Gurnsey – Hey Diablo [Phantasy]
Lovely dance-pop music. Phantasy has a lot of good artists, and Gabe is one of my favourites. This track goes off perfectly at a club, and at the same time, I can listen to it at home or on a plane.
Gramrcy, John Loveless – Bombdive [Phantasy]
Brilliant one. It begins as the happiest track ever and then becomes the soundtrack of the end of the world, then becomes happy again, and so it goes. For sure, it’s one of the best tracks of 2022.
Mala Ika – Es Regnet Ueberall (Joyce Muniz Remix) [Dessert]
I’ve been playing this a lot lately. Both producers are very talented, and the result is fantastic.
Id!r – Pega Duro el Sol (Mufti Remix) [Fucanglong Files]
This “dark disco” movement has some very interesting stuff and has such a unique energy. I love the way it sounds — hard but danceable, serious but perfect for a party. This track is one of my favourites of the genre.
Cormac – Heartcore (Krystal Klear Remix) [Polari]
Polari has been putting out a lot of good music; I am a big fan of the label. And I am a big fan of Krystal Klear too, so it was not hard to guess it would be a bomb. And it is a bomb.
Curses – Ghosts of Arms (feat. Terr) [Dischi Autumno]
A beautiful track I’ve sung on for the Curses album. I wrote and sang the lyrics during the first weeks of the pandemic when everything was just living in doubt, and everyone was sad and scared. It’s a deep and emotional tune.