Playlist of the Week: Swami Sound

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Feb 22, 2023
Swami Sound
The fresh talent who is leading the charge in championing the NYC Garage scene, Swami Sound hits us with belters for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Synthesizing two-step with a New York City sheen — the Bronx-born, NY-based DJ, producer, and artist Swami Sound has made his presence known by enticing listeners and clubgoers globally with his distinct take on Garage music. Having distinguished himself from the UKG scene, the self-proclaimed “NYC Garage” (still pronounced gar-ridge) has had his ascent chronicled in DJ Mag, Mixmag, Soundcloud and beyond. Bolstered by beloved collaborators and supporters, Swami stands at the edge of this present, stirring era of dance music.

As the city’s drill scene rises in popularity, Swami seeks to pioneer a new wave of Two-Step Garage native to NYC’s musical sphere. After a year of numerous releases, including singles, remixes, and DJ mixes, Swami’s first Beatport chart familiarizes listeners with the sounds that have inspired the album’s production, songwriting and outright sentiment.

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Swami Sound – Midnight Dominator [Notes By Design]
Opening track of the album dedicated to an old friend and my earliest supporter. Started this one around 2017 as a written poem. It wasn’t until around 2021 where I landed on how I could wrap the song around a cohesive production. Although I spent most of my year approximating myself with the UKG sound, I wanted to show that I can also engage with other forms of EDM in detail. Jason Park on the guitar.
Minor Science – Blue Deal [AD 93]
This track inspired the overall rhythm of Midnight Dominator. I was so fascinated when my Manager/A&R Gui Costa showed this one to me. This is probably the most flexible track to spin BPM wise for me since it doesn’t rely heavily on melodics. The Second Language album is a must listen, you’ll find some good tracks there.
Swami Sound – I Said [Notes By Design]
Conceptually this is the closer of the album. Here, I’m pushing and pulling between New York Drill, Liquid D&B, and Jungle. The song’s about my sister and how she’s inspired me all my life to craft my own tale as long as I keep a good head on my shoulders. JEWELSSEA & Chuma Osse on the background vocals. Lyustra and Dazegxd on the production.
Pendulum – Still Grey [Breakbeat Kaos]
One of my earliest introductions into D&B. I found Pendulum when I was 12 years old watching YouTube videos and AMVs. My memories as a kid raving alone at home in the Bronx sit right beside my memories of listening to Wiz Khalifa with my older brother.
CFCF – After The After [BGM Solutions]
Memoryland put the battery on my back in terms of production and concept. Gui also showed me this one after he presented the Two-Step sound in a way that could be reverent yet modern, which directly inspires the sonic language of Back In The Day.
Swami Sound – Back In The Day (Soulecta Dub) [Notes By Design]
Breathtaking remix. This is an absolute must-play at any Swami set. Soulecta, you’re the best, and I absolutely applaud you for making a remix that’s more powerful than it’s original.
Swami Sound – Favourite Song [Notes By Design]
Gum (FKA Dirty Bird) called this one the ’Sleeper Hit’. Inspired by Brandy’s songwriting and the textures I would hear from artists like Floating Points and This one took a while to finish because I didn’t know how to end it. The album doesn’t really touch upon 4×4 drums, so this song fills that gap, although for a brief amount of time.
Tama Gucci – Sweater (Swami Sound & Age Remix) [Sinderlyn]
This is the track that probably solidified my union with Eldia. Age and I joked that we’re the new Sunship. I’ve been a Tama Gucci fan forever, so I was really proud of this coming to light. Shoutout to Jane Abernethy for the kind words when I turned this remix over.
Swami Sound, Tama Gucci – Hallesches Tor [Notes By Design]
Inspired by Madonna, MJ Cole, and the trance sound. Wrote this one about my mom passing away while I was on tour last summer. Tama’s performance absolutely floors me. Alex Carr on production, Justin Wong on the chorus. Thank you Will.