Playlist of the Week: Walker & Royce

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Jan 4, 2023
Walker & Royce
For our first Playlist of the Week in 2023, Walker & Royce ring in the New Year with some of the most slamming club tunes from their Rules Don’t Apply imprint and beyond.

Hey everyone, we are Walker & Royce, and we are really excited to do this playlist for you. We started making music together in 2011 and have since released on a bunch of labels like Dirtybird, Black Book, Ultra, Relief, and Crosstown Rebels, to name a few. However, we are gonna take this moment to show you music that we have recently released, and some from our label Rules Don’t Apply Records, which we started in late 2021. RDA is a labor of love, and the artists we choose to release are very important to us. Thank you for reading, and make sure you check out our upcoming EP and tour on RDA called Just What The World Needs. It features two collaborations with VNSSA and Mindchatter. Happy New Year!

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QRTR – Snowfall [Rules Don’t Apply]
We first met QRTR playing a boat party in NYC and her DJ set blew us away. It felt new and energetic, and she did it with such ease. Once we started hearing her music we were equally impressed. We just love to listen to what QRTR makes. It checks so many boxes for us.
Escapade – Ballroom (Byron The Aquarius Remix) [Rules Don’t Apply]
We have a project with Ardalan called Escapade. We love how Ardalan’s music is a bit wacky so making music with him is a lot of fun for us and takes us a bit out of our own box. “Ballroom” is an over-the-top dramatic track, and we LOVE what Byron The Aquarius did on the remix. Byron makes really cool music, and we hope to have him back on RDA soon. There is also a great remix from Wongo too.
Walker & Royce – Feel The Vibe [Dirtybird]
This is a track we just put out on our other home Dirtybird. We are known for festival-style bangers, but this track was made for the club. We feel like we can play this any time of night and just reset the vibe. It is definitely inspired by Claude VonStroke so it makes a lot of sense it ended up on Dirtybird.
Sampson – At The Club [Rules Don’t Apply]
We have a series of releases on RDA called Splits or Club Splits. It is a nod to our vinyl buying days where we would get EP’s with various artists and tracks mostly focused for the club, could be edits or whatever. Sampson is a new up-and-comer and sent us this track “At The Club,” which was perfect for Splits. It’s a track that just kills the club, and we are hoping he sends some more stuff soon so we can do a full solo EP with him. The dude makes dope music.
DJ Glen, Luke Andy – Europa [Rules Don’t Apply]
We are long-time fans of Glen and Luke, and together it’s a match made in club heaven. The way these guys collaborated is so seamless and perfect that they gave us our favorite EP of the year. The music is sort of like old progressive house which we wouldn’t expect from them at all. Europa is this fantastic journey to space and back, and is so much fun to play for crowds. We hope they make some more for us soon!
Life On Planets – Nomad Lyfe (DJ Minx Remix) [Rules Don’t Apply]
Life On Planets (aka Phill) might be the coolest guy we know and his music is just as cool. We love watching him perform as well, do not miss him if you have the chance. Nomad Lyfe is such a great track we knew DJ Minx would kill the remix and she did. Minx is also one of our favorite DJs as she can rock any dance floor at any time. We have so much love for both of these artists.
Dances With White Girls – Skinny Dipping [Rules Don’t Apply]
This was the first release on RDA, and it was so fitting it was Dances. This guy is behind so many legendary tracks and a few of our own ones too. This track has been a summer anthem for us for a few years. It’s the perfect pool party song. Dances is also a badass DJ and will turn a party upside down; we’ve seen it happen.
FOOLiE – The Reason [Rules Don’t Apply]
FOOLiE is one of our favorite up-and-coming artists and we are honored to have him on RDA. We love his approach to production and think he is going to blow up huge soon. His tracks are definitely made for late-night warehouse dancefloors so hold on tight.
Lenny Kiser, VNSSA – When Will I See You (feat. Super Black Neon) [Rules Don’t Apply]
This track is from our first Splits and is still a banger. Lenny and VNSSA together is one of our favorite combos, and this track is evidence of it. VNSSA is always inspiring us to go in different directions with our own music, and we actually have a collaboration with her on RDA in a few weeks called Outer Space. We also can’t wait to get Lenny back on the label. His music is amazing, so make sure you take a deep dive into both of them.

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