Playlist of the Week: Nocturnal Sunshine

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Jan 18, 2023
Maya Jane Coles
Deep house icon Maya Jane Coles digs in deep with the eclectic and wicked sound behind her Nocturnal Sunshine moniker with some choice tunes for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Here is a selection of tracks chosen with my Nocturnal Sunshine head screwed on. This playlist is all about innovation and artists pushing the boundaries. Futuristic beats, Bass heavy Rap, Trap, less typical four-to-the-floor, and more alternative club bangers. Plus some nice downtempo bits and some D&B too. A pretty eclectic mix. Enjoy!

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Nocturnal Sunshine – Ridin’ Solo (feat. Gangsta Boo) [I/AM/ME]
I had to put this as the first track to honour the late Gangsta Boo. She paved the way for so many and her recent loss was such a huge shock. We had plans for another project that will never be, but I’m happy we got to make the music that we made. Rest In Power Lola <3
Zebra Katz, Kashaka – Hello Hi (feat. BOSCO) [ZFK Records]
I’ve been following Zebra Katz work for years now and love how his work is always evolving and pushing the boundaries both musically and visually. This is one of his more recent favourites of mine.
Leikeli47 – Zoom [Hardcover]
Leikeli47 has been crushing it big time lately and has been one of my favourite rappers for a while now. ‘Zoom’ is a perfect example of how the minimal low-end heavy production perfectly compliments her vocal tone and delivery.
EQ Why – Lose My Mind [Equalized Records]
So many sick tunes by EQ Why out there. I didn’t even know which one to pick. I love a bit of Juke/Footwork and mix a lot into my Nocturnal Sunshine sets when the mood is right. EQ Why always hits heavy with the right samples.
Interplanetary Criminal, DJ Cosworth – Jumping [Time Is Now Records]
This one is such a Jam!
Otik – Sometimes The Nights Last For Months [Solar Body]
This whole EP is fire. Probably one of my favourite releases of the last few months. Otik never disappoints, and the attention to detail in this EP is crazy. I’ve been rinsing all four tracks.
UNIIQU3 – Blow That Bag [135 Worldwide]
One of my favourite artists at the moment. Both her productions and vocals are so sick and I love her innovative take on the Jersey club sound. Saw her play live for the first time a couple of months ago, and the energy was incredible.
Darnell Williams – Turbo (feat. Reese LAFLARE) [12Tone Music]
Love the instrumental on this one. My kind of moody Rap with the reversed chords and Trap like beats.
Nocturnal Sunshine – No Smoke (feat. CHA$EY JON£S) [I/AM/ME]
This track is from our debut collaboration EP titled LDN. CHA£EY and I are long-time friends from back in the school days and actually used to make music together as teenagers. We only just started collaborating again in the last few years and this EP is the first of many to come. We have so much material in the works, so keep your ears open 😉
Cakes Da Killa – Svengali [Young Art Records]
When the combination of House and Rap hits right it sounds like this. The title track, “Svengali,” from Cakes Da Killa’s latest album, is def my favourite.
MoonDoctoR, J. Mundaca – David Blaine [Freshmoon Recordings]
I was sad to hear of the loss of J. Mundaca last year. Loved all the collaborations with MoonDoctoR. Top-level productions, full of creativity, and a truly original sound.
$uicideboy$ – All Dogs Go To Heaven [G59 Records]
I’ve always been a big fan of $uicideboy$. The production is always top quality and it’s hard to match those fat basslines. I still need to catch them live at some point!
Main Phase – 2 Tall [INSTINCT (UK)]
This whole EP is killer. I’ve been playing all three tracks, but I think this one is my favourite. Main Phase always comes correct with the Baseline/UKG jams.
Alix Perez – Not Alone [1985 Music]
I’ve been following Alix Perez’s productions for a while now and am always a fan of his releases. This one is one of his more melodic productions, but I play a lot of his different styles in my Nocturnal Sunshine sets.
WDDS – Waves [SoundCloud Direct]
Really love the atmospheric D&B that WDDS has been putting out. Lovely liquid soundscapes with driving beats to carry the pace. Looking forward to hearing what he comes with next.
Minder – Manipulate [Hypercolour]
Hypercolour boss Alex Jones’s new project Minder is some of my favourite work of his to date. This one is from the latest album, Sanctuary. Super interesting experimental sound unlike anything else I’ve heard recently.
DJ Crisps, Ell Murphy – Arms Around [Time Is Now Records]
Love the warm rolling bassline on this track. The UKG vocals paired with the perfect 2 step rhythm and old-school chord stabs hit the spot for me. I played out a lot of DJ Crips stuff last year.
TSHA – Anxious Mind (feat. Clementine Douglas) [Ninja Tune]
Really digging this tune from TSHA’s Capricorn Sun album. One of the stand-out tracks for me, gorgeous warm sounding production.
Anna Wall – Alone Tonight (feat. Binky) [Dream Theory]
This track is from Anna Wall’s beautiful, full-length ambient album Missing Moments. It’s pretty different to her usual releases and I really love this haunting collaboration. We’ll be playing together at Fabric on 21st Jan (on more of an uptempo club tip) so make sure to come through if you’re in London.
RIP Swirl – Backyard (feat. Catnapp) [Public Posession]
Catnapp has such a distinct vocal sound, and I’m always loving any track she’s featuring on. I like this one as it’s super different to the kind of stuff she’s usually on. We’ve also worked on quite a few things together in my Nocturnal Sunshine back catalogue so definitely go check them out if you haven’t already heard!

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