Playlist of the Week: Solomun

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Jan 25, 2023
Solomun .
Melodic house kingpin Solomun shares some of his favorite dance floor winners from his Diynamic imprint’s 2022 catalouge for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

It was an exciting year for Diynamic, with lots of very special music that really moved my team and me figuratively and literally. These truly brought some joy to us, and I hope to some others as well. The thing I love the most though is having the liberty to release any sort of music, independent of its genre. So, in order to celebrate and showcase this variety of styles, I created this list of productions and producers I applaud.

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Digitalism – Picnic [Diynamic]
I have known Isi and Jence from Digitalism since way back, because we’re both hailing from the Hamburg scene, so I was super happy to finally make this connection between us. They have always been very versatile producers, and when they sent me “Picnic,” I was immediately hooked. And whenever I played it, there were so many closed eyes on the dance floor.
Catz ‘n’ Dogz – NOW [Diynamic]
I’ve been a huge fan of Catz `n Dogz for ages because they are one of the most talented and versatile producer duos in the scene. A bit surprised their first release here was in 2021, but so happy we did that. “NOW “is showing more of their Techno side and great feedback from many DJ colleagues.
Christian Nielsen – So Deep [Diynamic]
Christian sent so much great material to choose from, that the team and I immediately wanted to do a Picture record with him (the six-track mini-album series on Diynamic). For me one of the most outstanding producers of the year.
SØNIN, Grigoré – Peace Originates [Diynamic]
For a very long time throughout the summer, “Peace Originates” gifted me very emotional mornings and sunrises. Its melodic-trance vibe is really spot-on and touched me deeply.
WISDOM, Lost In Nirāi – God Is The Reason [Diynamic]
Lost in Nirai’s “God is the Reason” has been a favorite of colleagues like DJ Koze, Rampa or Jamie xx. Perfect for sunsets, sunrises and closing a set. It accompanied me across many festivals in 2022.
ANTHY – Dance Dance [Diynamic]
ANTHY managed to create this beautiful, carefree aura of Italo Disco of the ’80s and place it into today’s times. Whenever I played it, I would see people interacting on the dance floor and smiling at each other. So much fun.
Final Request – Fallen Enemies [Diynamic]
This one definitely stands out in our catalog. It leans more on the pop side of the spectrum, but its deep vibe really made a difference on the dance floor. Such a huge recognition factor that even before its release or announcement, people took notice. Big props to Final Request.
Sian, Sacha Robotti, Third Culture (USA) – Chemicals [Diynamic]
An exciting project with a unique sound that I was happy to release on Diynamic. Trippy LA rave vibes with hypnotic vocals and an acidy touch.
Notre Dame – Yumi [Diynamic]
Quite possibly the track that created the most hands-up moments in my sets throughout the summer, a true earworm with a catchy indie pop vibe. Big respect to Notre Dame for this fantastic production. I’m excited to hear what’s next for this talented young producer.
Alphadog – Tarantela [Diynamic]
A very driving melodic techno track with a bright break that I adore. This one is perfect for the club season.