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Oct 12, 2022
Zombies In Miami
Cani and Jenouise of Mexico’s vital electronic music duo Zombies In Miami serve up a stupendous selection of tunes for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

For our Playlist of the Week, we decided to choose tracks that fit the energy and the vibe of our DJ sets — happiness, energy, trippiness and different sounds that we may not use in our productions. We chose tracks from producers that we admire and friends that are doing amazing stuff.

Since we started our project, we used to always perform Live sets, but for almost three years now, we’ve also decided to play DJ sets. This has been a chance for us to dig and discover music, so we really enjoy it and have a lot of fun preparing a different set for every night at the club. As a duo and couple in real life, we have different tastes in music, but it’s so funny how we merge into a mix of styles that sounds good together. This list of tracks represents our style as Zombies in Miami. Enjoy!

Check out Zombies In Miami’s Playlist of the Week on Beatport.
Zombies in Miami, Lauer – Clamato [Creatures of the Night]
This is our first track that was released on our label, Creatures of the Night. We produced this track with Lauer in his studio. So many good memories of playing this track during our Europe summer tour this year. It was a big favorite in almost all our sessions. Cheesy, happy, and housey but always in the best vibe. We can’t wait to release the second EP in the next few weeks!
Cormac – Heartcore (Mystery Affair Remix) [Polari Records]
We really enjoy this Mystery Affair version! A big banger on the dancefloors. We like the energy she put into her version. It’s so ravey and already a classic. The vocals from Cormac are so cool, and people are always singing the track. Mystery Affair is also working with us on some releases for next year!
Ko Yang – Pony (Alex Kassian Remix) [Bliss Point]
Alex is a very talented producer. One of our favorites in the last few years. Every track or remix of him is a big work. His magic in the atmospheres and driving rhythms are perfect for the kind of vibe in our sets. He already has a signature in all his music. This remix is top. What a track!
X-Coast, Ejeca – Rera [Riviera Music]
A proper banger! We loved the acid on this track. Both artists are top producers. Finding a release with the two of them was a pleasant surprise. We love trance music, so this is one of our essentials now. We really want to listen to more of them.
Shanti Celeste – Cutie [Hessle Audio]
Shanti did a perfect track. Elegant, funky and trippy. We like this combination! The vocals are so cool and very original. One of the top releases of the year, for sure!
Jordan Nocturne – Moving Around [Correspondant]
We really love Correspondant. Big family for us. So we are more than happy to listen to such a great EP from Jordan Nocturne. Very impressive single! All the ’90s ravey house sounds are perfect for us. We can say this is one of the best releases on the label so far! Playing this in all our sets!
Drua – LARP [Spray]
This is a sublime trance track. It’s so complete! That energetic vocals and synths are dope.
Baldo – Ride The Night [Permanent Vacation]
Baldo is doing a great job in his last releases, but this is completely out of control! His EP in Permanent Vacation has everything. This tune is sick. Every time when we play it, people ask us who the producer is. We can say it is one of the best releases of the summer. Also a very kind guy!
Lorely Mur – Paradox Psychosis (Jenouise Remix) [Permanent Vacation]
This remix is by Jen (1/2 Zombies in Miami) and was released in Born in Mexico. A full acid-drive track. This is one of those tracks for the warehouse’s peak time at 4-5 AM. Jenouise is working on some new stuff that will be released next year. Keep an eye on this project!

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