Playlist of the Week: Kaleena Zanders

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Feb 1, 2023
Kaleena Zanders
The prolific dance music vocalist, DJ, and songwriter Kaleena Zanders hooks us up with a dashing selection of potent tracks for Beatport’s Playlist of the Week.

Hellllllooo there! I am Kaleena Zanders. A life of the party type dance vocalist, songwriter, DJ, and artist. Folks say I’ve got a voice that instantly transports you to the ’90s and takes you to church at the same time. Funny enough, I used to be in a rock band in college, attempting to be like Incubus, Rage Against The Machine, and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and all that led me to join the dance community, which I am over the moon about.

Over the years, I’ve collaborated with so many great producers and DJs, Chris Lake, Matroda, AC Slater, Lp Giobbi, Shift K3y, Moon Boots and J. Worra, to name a few. I love to crate dig all over the internet, and I’d say I’ve built up a pretty eclectic electronic palette. I find such liberation in taking people on a journey during my sets, combining hard-hitting beats and singing to bring about this sort of underground, dark, church-like feeling. Like, if Sister Act (the movie) was a club show! Anyway, I hope you enjoy my vibrant selections. See you on the dance floor!

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Kaleena Zanders, Shift K3Y – V I B R A T I O N [Helix Records]
This track is a true representation of the kind of energy I am trying to put out into the world on a daily basis. Created this one in London, on a particularly sunny day, with the masterful producer/DJ Shift K3y. I would say he’s a damn genius and should be protected at all costs. We were joined by vocalist/writer/DJ Alex Mills, whose energy matched mine. She was all smiles and kept the energy high, and alas my favorite song on the planet was born.
VOCOD, Jon Caister – Little Party [Groove Bassment]
This track is so unique and low-key iconic. It’s got a fresh twist on something so familiar. It innovates a late ’90s style vocal with a sick droney drop you don’t expect, moving back to fantastic piano chords making it feel like you go on a little effervescent journey.
Honey Dijon – Love Is A State Of Mind (feat. Ramona Renea) [Classic Music Company]
The message and the garage-style drums really take this home for me. It’s like a sassy & soulful way of saying love is everything and that’s it’s here for everyone! Even if you don’t know this song, you can’t help but to move and feel warm.
Will Clarke – T.Y.S.D. (Throw Your Soul Down) (HoneyLuv Remix) [All We Have Is Now]
This is the kind of song if played on the dance floor, just at the right time, could make someone cry. The vocals are haunting and make you want to thrash around internally or have a solo moment, while the classic-sounding instrumentation takes you to another place.
The Sponges – Shake It [Night Bass]
This song is a bass symphony. From the moment the song starts, the track begins to talk to you with sounds pulling you in with an interesting computer-like sound design. Then a great deal of drama and tension builds up to this drop that is just insane. If the speakers in the club are up loud, the drop rattles your spine, but in the best way.
Gene Ferris, ATFC – The Payoff [Toolroom]
For me, it’s all about the haunting voice of Gene Ferris telling the audience the story of the DJ behind the decks. Almost like his inner dialogue is shared with the crowd. I was kind of blown away by this. And the hypnotic house beat underneath makes you groove.
Don Rimini – Adorable [Bunkball Records]
The wobbly single acid bassline, simple but perfectly mixed drums, with the sexy words dissing model life is just too perfect. You can pretty much play this in any set. Played about four to six songs in, it could really open up the dancefloor.
Solah – Glorify [Hospital Records]
This song is so badass and rich. Solah is an amazing drum and bass vocalist/artist, and you can tell she is overall a skillful musician with her melodies selections. The lyrics are really deep and textured in a way I wouldn’t imagine in a drum and bass song.
Nikki Nair, Nala – The World Is Always Ending [DIRTYBIRD]
I always feel like I’m floating on water or in a flower field, chuckling about the state of the world when I listen to this song. It’s a ’90s alt throwback with psychedelic garagey instrumentation that’s intentional and authentic while also being whimsical and not taking itself seriously.
Olan – Promise To Keep [Anjunabeats]
First off, Olan is a force to be reckoned with, but she does it with such finesse and ultimate style. She uses breakbeat, lucid synth sounds, and a touch of acid halfway through to communicate the emotions of her heart. I’m always impressed by her ability to communicate clearly through music.
Partiboi69 – Magnificent [Unprotected Records]
This song straight-up smacks! It’s 140 something and some change BPM. Hard-hitting but soulful. Instantly makes you feel great with Amber Wagner’s voice-wailing self-empowerment verbiage amidst the cutting synth line and smacking snare. If you aren’t moving to this, I feel bad that you can’t feel.